Set - and Stick to - High Brand Standards

It should be part of our business goals to have the very best standards and to stick to them! We want that to be ingrained in our brand, no matter what your company's brand is. So what are brand standards?? It's how you present yourself to the world, but it's also about how your business ACTS! It's the very best version of what you want your company and your brand to be. It should be aspirational, but also an integral aspect of your day-to-day business. Here's how to set those brand standards, but also how to STICK to them!

1. Get Set

This is not just about the VISUALS of your brand, although those are important, too! Brand standards are how you want your company to be known. For example, if someone is talking about you and your services, what do you think they'll say? How do they interpret your brand?? You can SAY you're business is about luxury, but is that really what you're projecting? If you aren't delivering a high-level and luxe service, then your brand standard is missing the mark. So make a list of EXACTLY how you want potential clients and partners to see your business. Set those standards for yourself and your team!

2. Be Consistent

Once you've set those standards, you want to review every single part of your business to be absolutely SURE that you're being consistent in what you're projecting. If you are marketing a luxury brand, but your blog is all about DIY tips, you are definitely not living up to that standard you set. There should be consistency about your brand in every single thing, from the visual look of your website, to how you work with your clients, to the systems and procedures you have in place, to your portfolio photos. Everything needs to live up to the high bar you've set. To be clear - you don't have to have a luxury-focused design business to have high brand standards. It's about knowing exactly how you want your business to be perceived and living up to that.

3. Protect Your Reputation

Speaking of consistency, you really do want to protect your reputation in every way you can. And that includes in being sure your team members are following those brand standards, from employees, to subs, to contractors you've brought onto the job. Explain to anyone new what you expect and how you want the project to go. If you promise white glove service, then you want the movers you hire to wear booties, look smart, and be respectful of the process. If your employees are on the job site without you, you want to have the confidence that they are going to still represent your brand the way that YOU would. Be vigilant about what other people are doing and saying when they are representing YOU.

4. Keep It Aspirational and Realistic

Brand standards should definitely be aspirational - the very best of what you want your business to be. But keep it realistic, too! You need to be able to DELIVER on those standards. You want to walk the walk, not just be all talk. So be sure that what you set for your business is something that you can actually provide consistently to every single client. This requires you to REALLY know your brand and what you can actually do with the team you have. They need to align!

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