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Client Communication Templates


Flexible templates for busy interior designers to communicate essential details with your clients


(without thinking about what to say, and how to say it!)


I need the templates→




Communicating with our clients shouldn't be so hard. 


But, who has time to tackle their full inbox with the perfect response every single time


Onboard every client, so they know what to expect throughout the process?

(Yeah, me neither!)

I need the templates→

Grab the Communication Templates if you:

  • Don't have the time (or don't know how!) to set expectations with your clients
  • You struggle to compose the best email to a client who doesn't pay on time
  • Have trouble communicating your billing schedule and payment expectations 
  • You want to hide when a client asks you about pricing
I need the templates→

Communication made simple.

Imagine not wasting precious time composing communication. Or imagine not worrying about your associate's email to a very important client!

I need the templates→

Make communication simple and consistent 

Follow a template to eliminate guesswork and add assurance that you are communicating your brand.

Increase productivity

Increasing productivity increases your bottom line. Using a tried and true template makes lighter work!

Set high brand standards 

It's easy for your team to communicate in a way that reflects your brand's high expectations. 

I want you and your business to succeed.

You don't have to be derailed by tedious communication or unhappy clients. Get the Communication Templates today and stop worrying about what to say!

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What is included with the Client Communication Templates?

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Welcome Packet 

Begin by welcoming your client with an easy-to-customize packet that will guide them through the design process with:

  • Team intros
  • Explaining how you work
  • Communicating the billing schedule
  • Setting collaboration expectations
  • Detailing design phases
  • Sharing the project timeline
  • and more!
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Email Templates  

Tackle your email inbox with prepared responses to clients, potential clients and clients that aren't a fit with emails that will:

  • Answer pricing questions
  • Determine client fit before a consultation
  • Let you fly through a discovery consultation
  • Respond to those who are not a good fit with your firm
  • Send proposal follow up(s)
  • Communicate a proposal is in progress
  • Get overdue invoice payments paid
  • Send thank you notes
  • Request referrals
  • and more!
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Mood Boards  

Set the tone of a new build project, a room design- or any part of the project- with easy-to-use mood boards in:

  • Canva
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
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How do I access the templates?

All Client Communication Templates

are accessed on a dedicated website,

where you can download the templates in several formats including:

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Microsoft Word  

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Microsoft PowerPoint 

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I need the templates→


  • An email will be delivered to your inbox with directions on how to log into the Client Communication Templates website.
  • On the website, you can download every document as an editable Word and/or PowerPoint file
  • Accessing Canva Templates is as easy as pressing a link with detailed directions!
  • You will have videos you can watch & download, that demonstrate how to customize your templates with your branding, including fonts, colors, logo and wording
  • Be sure to keep the video to use as a staff member SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • If you're not familiar with a type of file, don't worry! We have your back and explain everything!
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You are 3 steps away from

simple communications.


Buy the Communication Templates

Stop wasting precious time thinking and rethinking about what to say.



Implement the Communication Templates

Start digging in right away. The sooner you have your communication processes down, the more time you have.



Grow Your Business

Now that you have time back, start growing your business and spending time on the things you love, like design!

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Hear Praise!

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Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende Designs

I have been a designer for two decades and felt I knew how to organize my projects, but I have streamlined my business communication more than I thought possible!


Communication Templates

Select the best payment plan for you!

  • Save Time

  • Communicate Consistently

  • Delegate with Confidence




Best for cash flow!

  • Get immediate access to flexible templates in Word, PowerPoint & Canva

  • Communicate essential details with your clients and empty that inbox!
  • Download & edit your files in Word, PowerPoint & Canva formats, to suit your needs!



A savings of $53

  • Get immediate access to flexible templates in Word, PowerPoint & Canva

  • Communicate essential details with your clients and empty that inbox!
  • Download & edit your files in Word, PowerPoint & Canva formats, to suit your needs!