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Increase your

Interior Design Business

Profits and Productivity


Efficient systems and

Optimized processes

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Juggling the demands of running an

Interior Design Business is filled with pressure

  • You get blindsided by problems that crop up with every single design project
  • You can't afford more communication mistakes that cost you and your design firm money
  • Your clients are angry because you dropped the ball on an important design detail

It feels like there is

NEVER enough time in the day to make everyone happy!

(Am I right?!)


Be confident knowing that you made the

right investment in you and your interior design business

Kathy Waite Return on Interiors

Immediately, I found that purchasing Return on Interiors was one of the best investments I've made in my business! Kathleen saved me months and years of work! Her knowledge and experience is filled with time saving tools for Interior Designers to confidently manage client projects and their business.   

A system like this would have taken me months and possibly years to create. I am so excited about this tool and my business transformation!

Kathy Waite

Kathy Waite Design


Arriving at work, knowing you have things in control.

You and your team know what to do and say and

when to do and say it.

You and your interior design business are set to thrive.

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I'm Kathleen

Since 1998 I have been transforming homes.

Using my MBA and California real estate brokers license, I've flipped hundreds of homes. As I realized the value of the properties I had transformed, I began keeping them as long term rentals. Then, a friend asked me to help her design and remodel her home, and then another friend and another friend. YEP! I was hooked on designing for others.

Like with my flipping business and my rental property business, I needed a system to manage the decisions, communication and selections.

We ALL wish we had more time, to track these details, but we don't.

We need processes in place to manage the chaos, maximize our time and show up in control!

Business Transformations

happen when you have the

Return on Interiors System

because you are...


with client and trade interactions because you can provide clear updates and address concerns promptly

In Control 

because you and your team can stay on top of tasks and set and make deadlines


to tackle bigger and more complex projects because you have the tools to navigate change


because clear processes can free up your mental energy and give you space to let your mind wander 

Open to Growth

when you are confident that your processes can handle an increased workload, setting you up to scale your business


 to change in your business environment because your systems will give you a smoother transition

I need a system


by our friends

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Return on Interiors is a fabulous system that keeps open lines of communication with my clients and my subcontractors, making my job easier and more efficient! 

Organizing my design projects with tools and templates branded for my business allows me to be consistent with each client and each job. I now avoid “reinventing the wheel” with processes and systems on each project. I’m able to give each of my clients a clear picture of all the decisions that need to be determined for a new build or remodeling project.

Beth Lindsey

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Placeholder Image

Return on Interiors has streamlined my processes, by allowing me to gather all of the essential details for each project into one organized system. There are so many decisions to be made in each phase of construction and having a guide to make sure you have not forgotten a step is invaluable.

Clients, are confident their job is being managed professionally and in an organized manner with the ROI tools to track their spending and keep all of their information in one place.

Kara Cox

Kara Cox Interiors

What do I get with the

Return on Interiors System?

ROI is delivered to you immediately via a dedicated, members only website & library.   

There you will find:

  • A step-by-step pathway to success and some coaching with Kathleen
  • A detailed Project Management Task list shows you when to use each download during your design project.
  • 178+ Return on Interiors worksheets, checklists & templates that you can use over and over! 

60 minute onboarding session with Kathleen. Bring your team so you are ALL on the same page!

Step-by-step written process implementation guidance

Documents in multiple, customizable formats

How-to video trainings

Downloads with detailed explanations

30 minute "Systems Boost" Session with Kathleen

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You're 3 steps away from

transforming your business


Buy the Return on Interiors System

Get the system branded with your logo and end the overwhelm. 


Get personalized onboarding with Kathleen.

Start with one process at a time with step-by-step directions, videos and hand holding. Kathleen is there with you.


Get Your Processes in Place!

Stop reinventing the wheel and use the newly found time to grow your business.

Get the SYSTEM→

Lead your business.

I know you want to lead your interior design business, instead of constantly reacting to it. In order to do that, you need a system and processes that work.

I can hear you say, "Implementing processes is overwhelming and I don't have time for it." I get it. But think about the costly mistakes that are made all. of. the. time. 

Running an interior design business shouldn't be that hard and messy. That is why a created the Return on Interiors System. Stop the overwhelm today.

Get the SYSTEM→

Did I mention that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run it?

And...I add upgrades all of the time:) 


What's My Investment?  

How much are confusing processes (or no processes!) costing you? Do you wake up at night stressed that you forgot to do something important? Is the chaotic office environment making you want to avoid the office? Get processes in place before it's too late!

Return on Interiors


Get One-on-One Onboarding for
You and Your Team!

Time is precious for you and your team and Kathleen wants you to make the most out of it. The best part of the system is having a "Designer in your back pocket," who is obsessed with systems and is ready to coach you.

  • Return on Interiors System will get you running your business with a repeatable approach. You'll have immediate access to all 178+ Return on Interiors worksheets, checklists & templates. A set of branded PDFs will be made for you (Value $2497) ROI 

  • 60 Minute 1-on-1 strategy and implementation Zoom with Kathleen. Use this time to set up processes immediately. Kathleen will be able to answer questions for you team and give you time back!   
  • Project Management Course and Template - Amplify your efficiency with Asana! Know what's next in the process, have a central location for all communication and delegate with ease for every design project. Learn how to use Asana and follow a repeatable process that is waiting for you to add deadlines and accountability (Value $249)   

    BONUS #1- Client Communication Templates - Never leave client  communication up to chance. Use a well thought through response that reflects your brand, and alleviates stress and procrastination. Start delegating responses to your team with flexible email templates and Welcome and Onboarding packet (Value $297


    BONUS #2- 30 Minute 1-on-1 Systems Boost Zoom Session with Kathleen. Use this time to breakthrough your business roadblocks. Kathleen is always here to help!



Single Payment of $3,043 $2,497
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