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Design projects require TONS of decisions to be made and unfortunately, many of those decisions are made too late or made incorrectly. 

  • Communicating¬†details¬†with your clients, trades and team
  • Making selections and specifications
  • Reviewing¬†progress
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Communicating¬†details¬†with clients, trades and your team
  • Making selections and specifications
  • Reviewing¬†progress
  • Managing your cash flow

Make design decisions more accurately and in less time.

Imagine if you didn't have to deal with problems like these...

You get blindsided by mistakes that are made because your clients couldn't make a quick decision so your trades went ahead with the work.


You make mistakes that cost you money, all because you didn't make the time to review the design details with your team.


You don't communicate important design options because you lack the knowledge and understanding.

Make decisions before they become issues with

Quick Reference Guides

 (or QRG, as I like to say...)

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I want you and your interior design business to thrive.

Quickly navigate design project selections with simple, and  guides to explain differences among selections, layout possibilities, material tips and as an educational source.

What's in the QRG Bundle?

Tips and Tricks

Suggestions and recommendations to take the guesswork out of complex design selections- and help your creative ideas implemented flawlessly- and just the way you want it to.

Educational Guides

Skip the endless Google research and find the answers here! Just think. The idea you're trying to explain is already there, shown in its simplest terms, with clear graphics and messaging. This way, your point gets across accurately and clearly!

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50 Quick Reference Guides

 filled with

Bathroom Selections 

  • Selecting Bathroom Sinks
  • Selecting Glass
  • Shower Doors
  • Small Bathroom Tips
  • Steaming Benefits
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Glass Shower Doors
  • Freestanding vs. Built in Tub Pros and Cons
  • Selecting Toilets
  • Selecting Bathroom Faucets
  • Selecting Bathroom Lighting
  • Selecting Shower Drains
  • Slab Edge Details
  • Tile Patterns
  • Glass Tile Pros and Cons
  • Cement Tile Sources
  • Selecting Grout

Bedroom and More 

  • Bedding
  • Bed Sizes and Dimensions
  • Closet Heights
  • Arranging Bed Pillows
  • Transform a Bedroom with Lighting
  • Measuring Tips
  • Pool Room Guide
  • Selecting an Area Rug
  • Selecting the Best Paint Finish
  • Arranging Art
  • Arranging Sofa Pillows
  • Bar Seating and Table Height
  • Game Table Dimensions & Seating
  • TV Sizes, Dimensions and Viewing Distance
  • Upholstery Arms
  • Windows-Drapery Styles
  • Windows-Roman Shade Styles
  • Windows-Valance and Cornice Styles

Kitchen & Dining

  • Cabinet Door Styles
  • Selecting Cabinetry
  • Countertop Options with Pros & Cons
  • Dining Table Seating Guide
  • Glossary of Stone and Tile Terms
  • Kitchen and Bar Sink Profiles
  • Kitchen Layouts
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Selecting Kitchen Faucets
  • Selecting Kitchen Ovens and Ranges
  • Selecting Kitchen Sinks
  • Storage Checklist
  • Knobs, Pulls, Glides and Hinges
  • Wine Bottle Guide
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Words from our friends

There are so many decisions to be made in each phase of construction and having a guide to make sure you have not forgotten a step is invaluable.

Clients, are confident their job is being managed professionally and in an organized manner with the ROI tools to track their spending and keep all of their information in one place.

Kara Cox

Kara Cox Interiors

Keeping open lines of communication with my clients and my subcontractors is essential for making my job easier and more efficient! 

Organizing my design projects with tools and templates branded for my business allows me to be consistent with each client and each job. I now avoid “reinventing the wheel" on each project. I’m able to give each of my clients a clear picture of all the decisions that need to be determined for a new build or remodeling project.

Beth Lindsey

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Avoid the costly mistakes that boil down to miscommunication.

Save yourself the painful time wasted communicating, redoing mistakes, and wondering how you can tell the contractor exactly how you want it done.


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  • Communicate your ideas simply and clearly with your clients, trades & staff
  • Get 48 downloads from the Return on Interiors system
  • Download the QRGs in editable formats that you can customize in Word, Pages and PDF formats
  • Watch video instructions on the dedicated website, to show you how to make the reference guides yours