Kathleen DiPaolo

Interior Designer | Founder of ROI 
Serial Organizer | Expat | Dog Walker
Spontaneous Traveler | Textile Huntress 


in a land far away (Southern California),I was a busy (crazed!) interior designer living a sunny life. My 3 children lived at home with my hubby and me… and our two dogs, Baby and Lexi.

Then, my husband started commuting to INDIA (from Newport Beach, gulp!), our children started going away to school...so, we (with only our youngest child and two dogs in tow) moved to...


WHAT?! I know!

Life was different (wayyy different!)

...and filled with excitement- hunting for extraordinary textiles, discovering Mughal Architecture and being mesmerized by the array of colors that only India offers. 


My  interior design business was challenging (exacting!)  I was far away from the design projects I was working on, and yet I was desperate to be involved with them in a detailed way, as well as be a part of my clients’ lives. 

Living abroad and glimpsing the sparkling sapphires from Kashmir, partaking in the hand block printing process in Bagru, and fixating on the patterns found in marble inlay from Agra, really fueled my design inspiration and left me feeling that more than ever, I could deliver on a new, inspiring vision for my clients.


I wondered...

How could I be halfway around the world and provide the services I wanted to give? (And they wanted to receive.) From that circumstance, plus my love (obsession) of systems & processes...

ROI: Return on Interiors was born.

(More about that below...) 

Today I live in London, England, after 4.5 years in Budapest, Hungary,

inspired by Baroque facades, Roman ruins, detailed embroidery from Matyoland, hand painted and gilded porcelain from Herend and the ever changing colors of the Danube river.  My travel bug that bit hard in India, continues, and wherever I go I’m filling my design coffers with new items, ideas and sources. Oh, and my children are in three different parts of the world and I must visit them as often as I can:)

Return on Interiors

ROI, which started as a way to keep my own interior design work on track, systematized and structured, developed into a product that now helps other designers keep their interior design work on track, systematized and structured.

I love that what helped me maintain my own sanity around my design work, has led other designers to maintain their sanity, too.

And...I love that my passion for systems created ROI, which lets others, who have ZERO passion for systems, run their businesses better. 

Most importantly... I love that as the CEO-founder of my business, I'm in touch with designers who use ROI every day. If they have questions, or want clarification, they know they can reach out to me.  Often that’s via email, but sometimes, my phone will ring, and we’ll go old school and talk things through together. 

This is my life. Working with fabulous designers.  Helping inspire a more systematized approach to the business of interior design...and hoping to give us all a little more time back in our lives.

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