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with a clear and precise process.

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Running your design projects shouldn't be so time consuming!


We know we need an accurate way to track and communicate changes and assign accountability. But, figuring out how is just too hard and too time consuming.

The result? Costly mistakes and time wasted trying to assess blame!

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You need the Project Management Course if...

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  • Accountability and delegation is not effective (or non existent!)

  • Team communication is all over the place

  • Can't find information quickly

  • You don't know what to do next because there is so much to do

It's time for a clear and precise process.

Imagine walking into the office and knowing what needs to be accomplished, who is accountable and when it is due.

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Gain Control

  • Know the next steps to take in your projects
  • Delegate effectively so you know who is responsible for the task and when the task is due
  • Get notified when a task is complete

Communicate Effectively

  • Communicate with your team in one location by project
  • Know who has done something and when it was completed
  • Access the information from your desktop, cell, and tablet
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Save Time

  • Don't waste time searching in your email inbox for communication
  • Sync the project due dates and times with your calendar
  • Stop the endless searching for information
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I want you and your design business to run smoothly!

Get the Project Management Course and end the chaos!

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What is in the Project Management Course?

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Intro to Asana

A complete introduction to the Asana platform, including recent updates, using videos and step-by-step instructions

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Project Management Template

A pre-built project management template for Asana that walks you through your design project from pre-contract to post-installation


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Customization & Implementation Tools

Step-by-step direction on how to customize and implement the template through easy-to-read downloads and simple videos

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Design Project Stages

Follow the 9 stages of project management for every design project. Yes, the projects are different, but the system is always the same

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Design Project Templates

25+ Return on Interiors templates that you can customize in Word (with your own logo!) to organize and communicate on all of your design projects

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The course is delivered to you immediately via a dedicated, members only website & library

  • Step-by-step written guidance

  • How-to videos with supporting downloads containing organized screenshots and easy-to-follow directions
  • Return on Interiors PDFs or Word documents offered in each module to complement each design stage and keep you and your team on track 
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You're 3 steps away from taking control of your project management


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Imagine the relief!



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Watch the videos, download the step-by-step instructions and import your new template.



Implement Your New Project Management Process 

You will be amazed at the organization, clear accountability and simple steps you follow.

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Hear What Others Are Saying

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Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende Designs

I have been a designer for two decades and felt I knew how to organize my projects, but Kathleen’s system has streamlined my business more than I thought possible!

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Kara Cox

Kara Cox Interiors

I love being able to gather all of the information needed into one organized system! There are so many decisions to be made in each phase of construction and having a system to make sure you have not forgotten a step is invaluable!

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What's my investment?

How much time do you lose trying to remember or find something essential to a project? How many nights have you woken up panicked that you forgot to do something? Get the course now.


$346 $249

Take control now!

  • Introduction to the Asana Platform
  • Get a completely customizable, pre-built project management template for Asana that walks you through your design project from pre-contract to post-installation
  • Explanation & demonstration of tools that maximize accountability by assigning tasks, scheduling due dates & syncing it all to your personal calendar

  • You can be up and running in NO TIME!
  • Step-by-step demonstration on how to use & customize the template with easy to read downloads and simple video tutorials
  • Several downloads, tips & tools to jumpstart your design project organization
  • Systematize your project management now- and get your team on board
  • BONUS: Get 25+ downloads from the Return on Interiors system ($97 value)