4 Things to Get Done By Labor Day

August is a great month for catching up on your task list and reassessing your goals. It's a slower month for most of us, as our clients try to squeeze in one more vacation before school starts. If you're smart, you'll take advantage of these "dog days" of summer! Here are 4 things that you should have in place by the time Labor Day rolls around. If you do, you'll be set up for an amazing fall!

1. Tighten Up Those Processes

Anytime your business has a slower week, it's a great time to review and tighten up your systems and processes. Review your timelines and checklists - is there anything you would change? Do you need to add anything to a process to make it even better for you and your team? Are there things you could improve for your client touchpoints or customer service? Anything you can do to revise and upgrade a process will make your business more efficient and effective. Which means you can be more productive and make more money! 

2. Review Your Pipeline

Pull out that client pipeline and give it a thorough review! Where are you on each of your current projects? Can you wrap them up more quickly - and bill for them more quickly? And how does your fall calendar look? If you have any holes or places where you can add a project, it's time to start reaching out to prospective clients and to market your business. Looking ahead like that will keep you from hitting a bumpy road in your finances before the end of the year.

3. Check Your Billing

Speaking of billing, have you invoiced for all of your current work? I know sometimes we can get busy and put off our invoicing, but with a possible recession looming that's the WRONG thing to do! So sit down and go through your projects, your time sheets, and the bills from your subs. And remember, bill for EVERY hour. Don't shortchange yourself because the number is a large one, or you're worried about what your clients might say. Get that money flowing in!

4. Start Thinking Holiday🎄

I know, I know! It isn't even the end of summer and I am trying to get you to think about the holidays. BUT! This is the perfect time to think about what client gifts you may want to give - especially if you want to order anything that's personalized or has your logo on it. You can also schedule a photo shoot for your company's holiday card. You can go ahead and order any items now so they'll be in your office in plenty of time, that includes any specialty wrapping or ribbons. If you wait, you could find yourself scrambling at the last minute to get things together. And that is NEVER fun!

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