Wrapping It Up: The Final Touches

We've been talking a lot about the nine client touchpoints - but do you know which TWO are the most important?! The first one is definitely the presentation. It's when you show the client what their dream home can be! But then, it's all about the REVEAL!! That is truly the time for you to SHINE. So in this month where we've been reviewing every step in a project's process, we're finally at the end stage, and it is the perfect time to blow your clients' minds! Let's talk about the final touches...

1. Installation

Although this is exactly what you (and your client) have been waiting for, a project's installation is A LOT of work!! Every single detail counts so it's important to not only have the WOW factors ready, but to also have a plan so nothing falls through the cracks. Be sure you have your process locked down and every list and detail covered. There's nothing worse than realizing you don't have lightbulbs, or that the rug pads didn't arrive. Also, my rule of thumb is to never ever install one or two items, or one room before the others. I know it's hard to wait, but it makes a HUGE difference if you can create an amazing show to unveil the home to your clients! I send my clients out for the day, or for a weekend spa trip, to ensure that they get to see everything when it's complete and perfect!

2. The BIG Reveal

This. Is. IT! I get so excited to show my clients the stunning interiors we've created for them that sometimes I can't sleep the night before! It's been months - and sometimes YEARS - to get to this point, and the clients are always super-excited. So how can you make this one of the best experiences of their lives?? Think of it as one big show and you're about to pull back the curtain. Every one of their senses should be engaged, so you want candles, incredible views, soft textures, and music. You want to walkthrough the house as if you're in a video for Arch Digest. And be sure to remind them that you LISTENED to them. Repeat back what they told you before the project started - like how much they love soft green, or how they wanted custom storage for their baking items. Make them feel SUPER special!

3. Photographing the Project

Everything looks SOOO perfect in your project that you definitely want to photograph as soon as possible. Especially before it looks "lived in." HA! The time to establish that you WILL shoot the project is in the very beginning, and you want it in the contract. Don't ever spring it on your client like a big surprise. Because, from the client's perspective, it is tough to ask them not to be in their beautiful new home just when they've finally been able to move in. So again make this a SPECIAL day for them - find a time that's convenient for the whole family and offer to buy dinner or to make things as easy as possible. And be SURE that everything will be left in pristine condition after the photo team leaves. I like to leave the flowers behind as a gift, so the house looks even more special when they return. 

4. Following Up

Remember that things don't end for you and your client just because the project is over!! There are still a lot of important touchpoints for you! First, you want to follow up with the client to ensure there isn't anything left on your punch list. There's nothing worse than having those little details fall through the cracks - that can really leave your client fuming! Once you've taken care of everything they need and you know they're happy, you should also ask for a referral. Again, this is something you should talk about a couple of times in the process, but now it's time to ASK. Since referrals are a HUGE part of how designers get new business, this is really critical!! And then, your client needs to hear from you in the future, too! Don't let them drop off the face of the earth! Holidays are perfect times to reach out, along with birthdays and anniversaries. You DID get that info when you did your client intake, RIGHT!?!

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Wrapping It Up: The Final Touches

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