Will 2022 Be a Trick or a Treat for Your Business?

As we head toward All Hallow's Eve, I like to avoid any scary moments by double-checking my business strategy for the coming months. We've had a rollercoaster of a ride in 2021, so I want to be sure that 2022 will include far more treats than tricks. šŸŽƒ Here are 4 things I will have in place to help me be prepared AND plan ahead. Follow along if you want to avoid a spooky outcome next year!

1. Financial Plans

If you have your financial systems in place, then you already have a quick snapshot of how 2021 has gone for you. You should know your P&L, your margins, and cash flow. With that knowledge, you can go ahead and map out a plan for 2022. I like to set goals (monthly and yearly), create a pipeline so I can understand exactly what types of projects I need to meet those goals, and I can decide what services I may want to either add or cut. I love this type of plan because it cuts out a lot of stress when I have a clear picture of how my business is doing financially, and where I need to improve. Just winging it is not the way to get things under control. So set aside some time NOW to begin looking at your financial picture!

2. New (or Improved) Processes

This was a crazy year - and for most designers we were so busy we could barely keep our head above water. That's why it's critically important to stop the whirlwind long enough to see where you may have dropped processes, or where you need to put new ones in place. These are the systems that are going to help you survive and THRIVE in a crazy business or economic time. Those processes will help you keep all the balls in the air, and look like an amazing professional at the same time! Now THAT sounds like a treat, right?? 

3. Clean It Up

Don't wait until the year end to get your files and spaces organized and cleaned up. If you're like most designers, you've been running around flinging fabrics and digital files all over the place. No judgement! But take a few minutes, hours, or even days (if it's been really rough) to get things back in order. That chaos is not going to help your business one bit moving forward. You need to be able to put your hands on things right away to stay efficient and effective, and that's true for both physical and online files! Get an assistant or an intern to help get your fabrics and folders back where they belong. And start deleting and organizing your digital files in Dropbox and Asana! You want to start the new year with everything right where it should be.

4. Rework Your To-Do Lists

After a year like this one, I'll bet your to-do lists look like mine - long and disorganized! But I have a no-fail way to get mine back into good working order. First, I edit out all of the things I forgot to cross off or that never really should have been there in the first place. Then I organize tasks by project. Finally, I create a SECOND list of things that need to be done TODAY. This is going to be short and quick, it can only be things that are on deadline. That keeps me super-focused on what really needs to be done, rather than being overwhelmed by the extra-long master list. Now here's another thing you HAVE to do. Look at the master to-do list and ask yourself what on that list should go to someone else. Delegation is REALLY key to being successful in business. So what can you give to someone else? And do you need to hire someone to do some of those tasks? Your attention should always be on the bigger picture and the more important things that need to be done!

In honor of Halloween, I have a treat for you! Download my FREE ROI Sampler here! You'll get some GREAT tools, like a budget worksheet, a client questionnaire, an installation day checklist, and more. It's like a quick taste of what you can get with the full ROI system. Enjoy!



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