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Why You Should Prioritize Photography in 2023!

There can be a lot of reasons that keep you from shooting your finished projects. But that's a BIG mistake!! Those photos are the ONE thing that will help you hit your goals in 2023. Seriously! You can't let a busy schedule or reluctant clients get in your way. And you need to be SURE that you are planning for a professional photographer - AND styling - in this year's budget. It's a must-do, not a maybe!!! Here are my top 4 reasons that you need to prioritize this for the new year!

More Clients

We are a very visual society - especially when we invest in our homes!! So many interior design studies have shown that clients will look at thousands of photos on social media and will visit 10 websites before they even make one phone call. So if you don't have fabulous photography of your work, you're not even going to be in consideration! And if you do grab someone's attention or get a referral, what will that person see when they get to your website?? You want to have the VERY best photos of your very best projects on your site. Here's another reality check - almost no one will read the copy you've worked so hard on for your site. NOPE. They only want to see the photos, and they'll move one if they don't like what they see!

More Press

We all have that one magazine that is a MAJOR goal for us. And yes, they will often accept scouting shots for a pitch. But NOTHING will grab an editor's attention more than stunning photos that really capture your fabulous style! I'll even hire a stylist to create a look that I KNOW will fit into a magazine's style! The win-win is that a magazine just might use your own photography, which means less fuss for your clients. AND you can use these photos for your website, too. 


There is no better way to grab a potential partner's attention than with your beautiful interior photography! If you want a licensing deal, showcase shots of custom products you've designed. I know one MAJOR interior designer who sparked the attention of a manufacturer by constantly showing his incredible product designs on social media and on his website. Professional photos will definitely take your pitches into another stratosphere, too, showing that you mean business! 

Design Books 

I know so many designers who have a book on their bucket list!! But do know how many photos it takes to create a gorgeous book??? Hundreds and hundreds. Shooting all of your best work professionally is going to go a LONG way toward making a book publisher say YES. That is much less of an investment for them and a better ROI! If it's a goal of yours, think about what the theme of your book would be NOW, even if you think the book could be two years down the road. You can shoot photos specifically for the book today, and be ready to go when you get that yes.

The MOST important reason to shoot your projects, though, is that those photos sell your business and help you bring in more money!! To help you with that, download my FREE Photo Shoot Timeline and Checklist Guide! It will help you plan those shoots for 2023!

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