Why Summer Is the Right Time for Photo Shoots

The most important marketing tool you have is your portfolio of project images. They visually promote your incredible work and attract potential clients, press, and possible industry partners. And if you're like so many other designers, you've been putting off photo shoots during the last SUPER busy two years. Not smart! We all need to professionally photograph our work, whether we're going to pitch to press or not. And we need to photograph even if it's one fabulous room! But you're in luck because summer is a GREAT time to schedule photos shoots. And here's why....

1. Vacation Time!

One of the hardest things about photo shoots is trying to get your clients (and their kids and dogs) out of the house. No need to sweat that now because your clients have been itching to take a vacation for months, if not years. They're going to schedule time away at some point this summer, which is perfect for YOU. So check your clients' schedules to see when they'll be out of town, and hit those houses undisturbed.

2. Gorgeous Exteriors

Green grass, leafy trees, lovely flowers - summer is just so beautiful in the great outdoors! That means that interior shots that show backyards or front lawns are going to be just as gorgeous as the rooms themselves. You'll be able to shoot that outdoor kitchen, that wraparound veranda, and the sparkling pool, too, which is a win-win for your portfolio!

3. Abundant Florals

Speaking of those gorgeous yards, they can also help you style the interiors. Long branches from a crape myrtle, big blooms from a hydrangea, or even some of the stunning day lilies that bloom in summer months will all be gorgeous in indoor arrangements. Remember to think out of the box, too, with veggies from any gardens, or unusual flowers like Rose of Sharon or lantana. 

4. Longer Shoots

This is one of THE most important reasons that summer shoots are such a great idea - you have longer days! Those extra hours of light make it much easier to get the most out of your photographer, and will make the rooms look fantastic. Don't forget about that all-important "golden hour" (or two) that happens near sunset. Rooms look gorgeous in that golden glow.

To help you make the very most out of your summer photo shoots, download my FREE Photo Shoot Timeline and Checklist. It will keep your photo shoot humming like clockwork! 



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Why Summer Is the Right Time for Photo Shoots

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