Why Client Support Is More Important Than Ever

You can call it customer service, client support, or customer care but all of those phrases mean one thing - taking care of your clients! And in the interior design business, that has NEVER been more important than it is today. Why? Because that client attention is what sets YOU apart from your competition. And by that I don't just mean other designers. I'm also talking about retailers, "free" design services, other luxury goods, and more. There is a lot of competition for clients' attention and dollars, so it's up to us to prove our worth and value, and customer service is one of the BEST ways to do that. Read on for more, but be SURE you read ALLLLL the way to the end, because I also have a surprise holiday gift for you!! I love surprises!

Proving Your Worth

Ok, let's talk about this first idea that I mentioned. That white-glove, top-notch, cream-of-the-crop service is something that really helps you PROVE that you are worth the investment. Yes your creativity is key, too. But designers are also very very good at getting to know their clients and delivering EXACTLY what they need and want. You are there to save them TIME, to help them achieve the home of their dreams with as little pain and fuss on their part as possible! You are going to pay attention to every detail and you are going to deliver on time and on budget. THAT is the very best of client support. So of course you can't just promise that, you truly have to deliver on it.

Client Loyalty

Many of the very best designers work with the same clients over and over and over again. Even through a couple of generations!! How do they do that? Yup, it's that top-standard client support. The only way to get those lifetime super-loyal clients is to give them EXACTLY what they want and need. Does that mean mistakes never happen? Of course not!! We're talking about real life here, right?! But it's HOW you handle those mistakes that is so very important. You have to own up to them, and have quick and easy solutions ready. It's the TRUST factor that people really want and need. Your clients want to trust you as a steward of their investment. They want to trust that you have everything handled and that they don't need to worry. That is what builds loyalty and a longtime relationship!

Those Key Referrals

If you deliver the best customer support, you will not only have clients for life, but you'll also have clients who will refer you to others. That's GOLD. No matter where designers live, no matter what level of client they work with, and no matter how much they spend on marketing, referrals are still #1 when it comes to getting new clients. And the best way to get those referrals is to keep your clients happy. That builds a critical reputation for you and makes YOU the go-to designer that everyone HAS to have.

Putting the Show in Business

Another key reason to up your customer service game is because it's now expected. What do I mean by that?! Well most people think that if they're investing as much in you as they are, then there should be a certain luxe level of service attached to it. So you need to go above and BEYOND to really make an impression! And it needs to be consistent and "baked into" your business model. Every person on your team should understand that the customer comes first and that they are there to make the client happy. It's just that simple! So dream up some fun and BIG ways that you can really impress your clients!

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Happy Holidays!

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