Which Type of Marketing Has the Highest Success Rate?

Every small business depends on marketing to survive, and it is NO different for interior designers! But with limited time - and sometimes limited money - where should you put your focus?? There are marketing channels that work better than others, especially for small businesses. Knowing which ones can work magic for you will help you form a GREAT strategy for getting the word out about your services! Let's take a look at what works with a focus on the 4 most successful types of marketing, with the most effective revealed at the end!

4. Email Marketing

Now let's be clear, I'm NOT talking about buying lists. You need to build your own lists of potential clients, current clients, and former clients. If you haven't done that, start NOW. With all the changes in social media algorithms, you're going to want to control your own outreach, and the very best way to do that is through your own email lists. To get new email addresses, consider a "lead magnet," also known as a freebie, on your website. It's basically something you give away in return for someone giving you their email. It could be a tips sheet, your top paint colors, or something else that can be emailed to them as soon as they enter their info. And once you have a great list, start talking to them. Create great content for a quarterly newsletter, or send them your best tips every month - find the content and timing that works for you! This keeps you top-of-mind for your fans.

3. Direct Mail

What?? Direct MAIL?!? Yup - it's true! But we're not talking about postcards and cheesy mailers. Think more about magalogs, gorgeous content pieces, beautiful printed brochures of your portfolio photos. Mail is almost rare now, so to get something special in a lovely envelope is actually a big deal. And don't take my word for it - marketing strategists say that direct mail has the best ROI for the expense of any other form of outreach. So target those high-income zip codes in your area and show them how special you and your firm are!

2. Social Media

Of course you knew I was going to talk about this at some point on this list - but I am NOT talking about just posting on Instagram. You need to be smarter and savvier about it. Are your target clients REALLY on Instagram?? Or are they on Facebook? Given how frustrated people have become with social and the messages the channels promote, you may be surprised to find that your audience isn't where you think it is. Studies show that more people who are design enthusiasts, or who are dreaming of what their home could be, are on Pinterest. That channel drives more traffic to websites than any other! And the people on that channel have a MUCH higher household income! But you also should try some targeted advertising. It doesn't cost a lot, and the ROI on Facebook is a proven winner. The key is to get your company's name in front of as many people in your target demographics as possible.

But WHAT is the number one marketing channel....

1. Word of Mouth

That's right - it is STILL word of mouth! You need to be sure that all of your former clients will have the VERY best things to say about you. I've given some great tips before about how to give your clients the best experience (you can read them here), so be sure you're doing that. And you should also ASK them for references and reviews!! You want to be sure that your clients are talking about you and telling everyone how fabulous you are. The reason this is still the TOP way to market your business is because people trust what others have to say about a business more than they trust advertising. They want to know that others have had a great experience with you before they hire you. So keep that in mind!

And here's another VERY important thing - do you know where every single potential client will go to learn more about you??? Yep, your website. So how does it look?? Does it REALLY showcase the very best of your business? If not, you need to update that site ASAP and you need to be sure that it always looks its very best! I can help with that - just download my FREE Guide to Managing Website Updates. That will keep your site up to date and looking great!



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