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What Clients Don’t Know About Working with a Designer

It’s interesting how others view the work of an interior designer. There are people – hopefully our clients – who truly appreciate our vision, skill, and expertise. But too many really don’t understand what a designer can do. Most everyone gets that we can make a home look pretty, and that we probably like to shop, but they don’t understand the VALUE of working with an interior designer! And that is what you really should be highlighting in your marketing, in your pitches, on your website, and in every conversation you have with a potential client! How do you talk about that value? Try these ideas…

1. We Save Clients Time

Clients really don’t understand the amount of time it can take to shop for alllll of the things needed in a home reno or new build. If they had to source all of the things for just a kitchen redesign it would blow their minds. We HAVE to be sure they understand how much time we’re saving them – and that doesn’t even include the meetings with contractors, the job site visit to ensure everything is going the way it should, the reselections when something is out of stock, the attention to details. It’s A LOT. Your website should talk about how you’re giving that time back to your clients, because their time is valuable!

 2. We Save Clients Money

Yes, we are able to get discounts on furnishings, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. We know the right contractors in our area to work with. We have connections with subs that won’t overcharge. We’re able to head issues off before they become BIG problems that cost a lot of money. That’s our job! I’ve even said that clients should bring us along when they’re shopping for their house or property in the first place. We know the areas we work in better than almost anyone. We know which neighborhoods will be a great investment, and which houses weren’t built as well as they could have been. Our expert advice can save clients a lot of money!

 3. We Save Clients from Headaches

Speaking of those problems and issues – our clients never even have to hear about them if they want to stay above it all. Our job is to find solutions to challenges that come up during a home build or renovation. We stay on top of projects so they stay on their timeline. That includes catching the wrong paint color before the client sees it, or sending the table back (AGAIN) because it was the wrong finish, or adding that extra outlet because it will make the kitchen function so much more efficiently. Our clients want to look forward to their fabulous dream house – they don’t want to deal with the plumbing issue. We need to be sure they know that’s part of OUR jobs!

 4. We Are Experts in Our Field

Imagine our clients deciding to just DIY their way through a major renovation. They might stumble through it and luck out on some things, but there is NO WAY that they understand which products and furnishings will really be best for them. They won’t understand which paint companies have the best reputation, or which rugs are best for pets and kids. They don’t know which furniture companies have the best reputations for quality (or not), or which lighting companies have the most unique looks. We’re the experts in our fields and we know which brands are best and which are definitely not. We know how a fireplace surround can be improved, or how to make the most of every square inch of space in a room. Tout your expertise!

All of this is going to help your clients better understand how important it is to work with you! Download my FREE Guide to Setting Client Expectations here! That will also set you up for success with your current and future clients!


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