Use Your Holiday Time Wisely with the 3 Rs

This time of year is always a mad dash to the finish line - wrapping up projects, gifting for clients, and then your own personal holiday plans. WHEW! It's no wonder we collapse in a heap at the end of the year. BUT - then we have that magical quiet time when our client are with their own families and everything is still. It's the best. So I want you to be sure that you use your holiday time WISELY by remembering the 3 Rs. And NO, they aren't reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. HAH! But remembering these 3 things will help you be prepared for a FAB 2024!


This is REALLY important and that's why I've listed it FIRST. Do allow yourself to unplug. Plan days where there IS NO PLAN. You need that and your family needs that. Most top-level CEOs are now prioritizing their rest because they understand that they are much more effective when they've been able to recharge their batteries. Do this BEFORE you start setting goals or getting into planning mode. Yes we're all used to a GO GO GO lifestyle. But for now, stop. Just breathe. Just sleep. Let your creative mind reset. It's SOOO important to give yourself permission to do that!


When you've had a good rest and you feel like you have a clearer mind, then you can review. But let's be clear, I'm not talking about looking at the issues and problems you've had this year. You need to celebrate ALLL of your accomplishments, large and small! Sometimes we forget the fantastic things that happened - and that can make it easy to get down on ourselves or our businesses. In order to get yourself in the right mindset to get back out there and set the world on FIRE, you have got to celebrate yourself! You are amazing and you need to remember that!



Now it's time to reset your vision for what you want to accomplish and what you want your business to BE. This isn't goal setting, it's deeper than that. This is about looking at the CORE of your business and your brand. Is it where you want it to be? Why or why not? What would make everything fit your vision of the company you ALWAYS wanted to have?! This is going to get you in the mindset to start your goal list for 2024 (we'll talk about that NEXT week!). So start thinking about your DREAMS, your real passions, and what would be the MOST fulfilling for you. Don't limit yourself. Really reset your mind for what you and your business COULD BE. Isn't that exciting??

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