Time to Schedule that Second Quarter Review

The end of March not only means that it's finally spring, but it's also time to do a little spring cleaning in your business. The beginning of the second quarter is the perfect time to review how the year has been so far for your company, and what you still need to do to meet your goals for 2023. If you don't do these quarterly business reviews, then make the time NOW to schedule them! It's SOO important to keep your company on track and moving in the right direction. Here are 4 ways you can use the start of the second quarter to make 2023 one of your best years ever!

1. Review Q1

The first step in a second quarter review is to take a look back at how the first quarter went for your business. You want to dig deep into your financials and get a VERY clear idea of where you are so far. Have your accountant provide you with in-depth reports that show your profits and losses, your cash flow, and any invoices coming due in the next 9 months. You want to have a good idea of exactly what your financial situation is right now. 

2. Look Forward

What is your projected income for 2023? Look at your pipeline to be sure you’ve got business coming in through the year to cover your overhead and expenses. And if you see any holes in the income stream, start marketing NOW to acquire clients and business to plug those holes. That's the great thing about doing this review so early in the year - you have a LOT of time to make things right and to hit the goals that you've set for yourself and your business! So use your time wisely.

3. Get Motivated

One thing that a review always does for me is get me motivated to hit my goals! Even if things aren't going exactly the way I planned, I see it as a GREAT opportunity to change things up and to get back on track. This is the PERFECT time to kick things into high gear and to get more business coming in. So think about your marketing and your networking - start giving yourself a BIG pep talk because you and I BOTH know you can do this! 🎉

4. Get Organized

An organized business is a more profitable business! Period! The more efficient and effective that you can be in everything you do, the more money you can make. Tighten up those processes. Get systems in place for the tasks you've always meant to cover. Do not let this be a year where you reinvent the wheel over and over in your projects! Remember that my Return on Interiors system can definitely help with this - just click here to learn more.

And to keep you on track for your goals, download my free Quarterly Goals Worksheet here! It will help you make a plan for a FAB 2023!

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