Time Is What Your Clients Really Want

In a recent survey by Deloitte of what luxury customers and clients want more than anything else from service providers, the results were interesting! I expected the first two - stellar customer service and an amazing experience. But the last of the top 3 was a surprise. It was TIME. Everyone wants more time in their day - and YOU are in the perfect place to give that to them!

So why time? We're all overstressed and maxed out on what we need to get done in a day. I know I feel that way!! So that's why home delivery services are so HUGELY popular today. We don't want to go grocery shopping or to stop by Target. We have everything delivered. There's no time to cook a gourmet meal - so we hit DoorDash. We don't even have time to bathe Fido - so a groomer arrives right at our door.

Now let's be clear, I'm definitely NOT saying that you need to offer quickie design services. But what I would suggest (VERY strongly) is that you review your timelines and how long it takes you to get things done. And tighten those up as much as you can!

But more importantly, SELL the fact that you save your clients time!! After all, if they don't have time to shop for groceries, how happy are they going to be when they realize they have to go to hundreds of stores and companies to get everything done that YOU can do? And it certainly won't look the way it will when you - a super-professional - takes care of every single detail.

And they also will NOT want to spend time returning items that are damaged or incorrect. They won't want to meet the contractor for the 1000th time to go over another issue...and they won't want to check in regularly to be sure the right paint is on the right wall. Design is a luxury service, after all.

That attention to detail, that care, and that enormous amount of TIME is what YOU are good at. In fact, your client needs to know you're one of the VERY best! So be sure that is a big part of your marketing!

Meanwhile, I'm going to make a little easier on you. Download a general timeline for a kitchen remodel here so that you can incorporate it into your next project! And take a look at the rest of your timelines ASAP!

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