Stop Reinventing the Wheel in Your Business

On last week's blog post, I talked about how important it is to your productivity to have systems in place and to avoid reinventing the wheel in every single project! When you DON'T have a system or process for each part of your business, you WILL drop the ball. You'll make mistakes and that will DEFINITELY impact your profit margins. Ouch!! If this describes your business in 2022, let's make a pact RIGHT NOW to change that for the new year. And if you read ALLLLL the way to the bottom of this blog post, I'm going to give you a BIG incentive to change things. But first, here are all the reasons that you need to stop reinventing the wheel!

More Control

Have you had days where you feel completely out of control? Like all those balls you're keeping in the air are about to come crashing down on your head??? I HATE that feeling!!! Once I got my business set up with systems and processes for EVERY step of a project, I was able to feel more in control. Knowing exactly what steps and tasks needed to be completed at every point actually gave me more TIME. My team and I aren't scrambling for answers and info - we are on top of our game! So much less stress when things are running smoothly! And if you need to pivot because of something unexpected, it does not become a disaster. You're able to change course more easily and pick up the next step in the process more quickly because it's all laid out for you and your team members. You have more clarity, AND more focus. Doesn't that sound like a better way to run a business?!?

Fewer Mistakes

When you are fumbling through every project as if it's the first one you've ever done, there are going to be missed steps and mistakes. It's almost impossible to remember every single task that needs to be completed. And if you aren't around, then WHO is supposed to keep up with it all without a system?? So when a mistake happens, you really shouldn't be surprised. Having processes in place - including checklists, templates, spec sheets, meeting note forms, and more - not only help keep YOU on track, but they also keep team members on track. Contractors, subs, workrooms, and team members are human, too! Without systems and forms to guide them, they're going to drop the ball at some point. Count on it.

More Money!

If you weren't convinced by my first two points, I hope THIS one gets your attention! When I mentioned mistakes above, you and I both know that can be VERY costly. Ordered the table in the wrong finish? You now own that table. Forgot to tell the subs that the client wanted satin instead of eggshell in all the rooms? Yep, you're paying for that fix. Even just in the amount of time that you and your team are spinning your wheels trying to keep everything on track is going to cost you money. The more processes you have in place, the more effective your company will be. And that means you'll be more efficient, which means your bottom line will also improve. Every second that you can eke out of your day is another bit of time that you can spend on marketing and acquiring new clients. More clients and better projects mean more $$$$!

Happier Clients

How professional do you look as a designer when you have to keep going back to the client to tell them about a mistake in their project? Or to push the deadlines back - again? Or to adjust the budget - again? After one or two of those conversations, your client is going to start questioning your professionalism! They're going to lose trust in you and your process. That isn't just going to impact your relationship with THAT client. It could impact all of the potential clients in their circle. We want happy clients that will refer us to EVERYONE they know! To do that, we have to have the best customer service, with projects that are on time and on budget. We want our clients to see how incredibly invested we are in delivering a fabulous home and giving them a great experience! You cannot do that without nailing every step of your project process.

SOOOO - how can I help YOU get your systems and processes in place for 2023? My Return on Interiors system was specifically designed to give YOU control, to help you avoid mistakes, to help improve your company's profit margins, and to keep your clients happy. You'll be supported with 132+ templates, checklists, and worksheets, communication templates, interactive questionnaires, 12 training modules, and MORE! 

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Make 2023 you BEST year ever with ROI!

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