Setting Your 2023 Intentions

I love this time of year - and not just for the holidays. I consider this the "clean slate" season! It's time to review the old year and set your goals and intentions for a brand new year. There's the excitement of what might be around the corner and all the new exciting times that may be coming in the next 12 months. I get that you may be a little gun-shy to set goals when we've had crazy unexpected events over the last 3 years. But it really does help you to focus on your business and set progress goal posts!! So here are my tips for setting your 2023 intentions.

Review First

Take a look at your business in 2022 - write down the successes and where you could have done things differently. Are there any goals you wanted to hit but didn't? What were the AMAZING achievements you had?! This will help you decide on your path for 2023. You'll see where you may need to focus to shore up your company's strengths and any weaknesses that need to be addressed, too!

Intentions, THEN Goals

I look at intentions and goals differently. Intentions are what you want your overall theme to be for 2023. They are the clear focus for your new year. Goals will help you hit that intention! So what is YOUR intention for the new year? It could be that you want to have it be your most profitable year ever! Or that you want to focus more on client acquisition. Or maybe you want to branch our into other services. And yes, you can have more than one intention, but I would say not more than two! And remember, if you just want to maintain where your business is now and maybe just make some tweaks, that's absolutely OK! 

Set Your Goals

Now that you have your overall intention set for 2023, map out your goals to help you get there. If you want to be more profitable, you could set goals that will help you get more income, keep an eye on your expenses, AND set up regular meetings with your financial people! If your goal is a better work/life balance for the upcoming year, your goals could be to delegate more, to find more contract help, to get systems in place, and to focus on the best ROI for your services! These goals should be specific and straightforward. They should be a stretch, but NOT a struggle. 

Plan Regular Reviews

As you go through the new year, remember that you'll want to review your progress, so go ahead and set time in your 2023 calendar to it down and look at how things are going. You KNOW things are going to change - we've definitely had that experience since 2019, right?!!? So you may change your goals or add new ones as the year goes by. These review sessions will help you stay on track.

And to ALSO help you stay on track, download my FREE Guide to Annual Goal Setting! It will give you a record of what you want to achieve and how you'll get there.

Happy New Year!!

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