Making the Most of Client Touchpoints

The creativity of your projects is definitely at the heart of great interior design. But the ability to WOO your clients is what is going to make you successful! It's true! Happy clients mean repeat business, and they will refer you to NEW business, too. It's the keystone to any company's success, no matter what industry you're in. So you need to make the most of client touchpoints! What are those? They are the magical moments when you can have the biggest impact on how your client feels about you, your company, and the project. Here's how to take things to the next level!

Know the Touchpoints

Your clients "touch" your brand at different "points." I've identified as the most common - AND most important - in interior design projects. They are:

  1. Before working with your clients
  2. While working with your clients
  3. After working with your clients

They work together, like a path through the project. This month, I'm going to really focus on each section individually, but my overall touchpoint map looks like this:

Now, your client touchpoints could vary a little, but for the most part, all interior design projects are going to look like this. And it's important to really understand WHY that's key!

The Impact

Each of those specific points in a project gives you the chance to really WOW a client.  If you start a project with great info for your client, along with a timeline and clear processes, they're going to feel like they are being smart with the investment in their home - and in YOU. And if you and your team continue that level of support and customer service at every stage, you're going to have one VERY happy client at the end. Focusing on those touchpoints also helps you define and strengthen your processes, keeping your team super efficient and effective! 

Setting the Bar

For each of the points in that chart above, what are you doing NOW to offer great client care? Are there any places where you could do a better job? Or are there ways that you can really uplevel to an AMAZING service? That's where your bar should be! Today's clients and consumers are looking for two things more than anything else: an unbelievable experience and fabulous customer service. And that means more than offering a candle at the initial meeting! So this month, as we review each stage of the process, I want you to really think about how you can deliver a new level of experience for each of your clients. There should be a process in place, too, so that you deliver that every single time with every single person you work with. Put that bar HIGH!

Reviewing Each Stage

In next week's blog post, we'll review the first stage of that project process, from the initial meeting to the design presentation. The following week, we'll talk about the hardworking time, when you're ordering furniture, coordinating all the subs, and really making magic happen. Ironically, that's also when many people forget about the client! YIKES. And then in the last blog post for June, we'll talk about the installation, reveal, and post-project steps. 

To get us started, download my FREE Guide to Client Touchpoints! It will be your workbook through this month!!

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