How to Work with the Best Clients in 2022

If you ask any interior designer, they will all say the same thing when asked to describe their ideal client. They want someone who has an amazing budget, who will give complete control to the designer on the project, and who wants their entire (and HUGE) home renovated or built from scratch. Right? Now that client may be a bit of a unicorn, but there IS a way to define and attract your ideal clients for 2022. Want to know how?? Be sure you read all the way to the bottom because I also have a secret weapon for you!

Know Your Target

If you've never created an avatar, now is the time! An avatar is a representation of someone - in this case your perfect client. The more you understand about that client, the more likely it is that you can reach them through marketing. Chances are, the perfect client is very similar to one you've already worked with, so start there. You want to understand what they read, which social platforms they use, and how they like to learn about goods and services. The better you can pinpoint all of that, the better you'll be at speaking directly to your target audience.

Treat Your Current Clients Like Gold

Did you know that there are 9 critical stages for your client touchpoints in a project? Every single one of those has its challenges and its best practices. The way you treat your clients TODAY ensures that similar clients will want to work with them. Why? Because word of mouth is STILL the #1 way that ALL interior designers get new business. So if your reputation is first rate,  you're going to attract more and more of your ideal clients! It's a proven formula.

Overdeliver on Promises

As part of those client touchpoints, you always want to be sure that you overdeliver on everything you say you'll do. You need to strive to stay tight on every budget, meet every deadline, and do exactly what you'll say you will do. Now of course there are a lot of things that are out of your control, but you can handle those, too, with very clear communication about how things are going during the project. 

Partner Up

Who in your community attracts the type of clients YOU want? Who can you partner with for a contact exchange or an event? There are a lot of ways to co-market to your ideal clients, and one of the quickest ways is to work with another business that has the same target. 

And now for the secret weapon to help you reach your ideal clients in 2022! I am giving a FREE masterclass on Jan. 12 at 12pm EST that will define every single one of those 9 critical client touchpoints. AND I'll give you the steps and tasks for each of them, too. This will help you TRANSFORM how you attract and retain those fabulous clients and avoid working with the crazies! All you need to do is register HERE for that webinar! Mark your calendar - can't wait to see you then!



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