How to Set Goals That You'll Stick To

How many times have you set goals with every intention of meeting them, only to drop them a few days later?? We've ALL done it! But as we get closer to the turn of another year, how about setting a few goals that you'll actually complete for 2022?? I have a system that helps me stay on track for my goals, and there's no better feeling than checking a BIG goal off your list. So try these tips to help you make 2022 your year for goals!

1. Set 2 Types of Goals

Make a short list of TWO types of goals. You should have 1 or 2 VERY big goals for 2022 - they should be achievable, but still a stretch for you. And then add 3-4 smaller goals that are important, but easier to hit. Those smaller goals are there to keep you on track, AND to give you some small successes to celebrate! When you hit a goal, it motivates you to keep going on those BIG stretch goals, too! 

2. Write Them Down

This seems so simple, but we don't do it very often. Studies show that when you write something down, it makes it more concrete. And you're more likely to take it seriously. Put each goal on a sticky note and put it on your computer - or paste them up on your vision board. Whatever it takes for you to SEE those goals regularly to help you remember what you want to achieve in the next year!

3. Tell Someone

It's SO important to tell someone what your goals are and why you want to reach them. That person can act as a cheerleader to help motivate you. And you'll feel accountable to your goals if others know that's what you're working towards. It could be a right-hand employee, a business coach, your significant other, or a good friend. Just be sure you tell someone who has your best interests at heart and is ready and willing to cheer you on!

4. Break Them Down

I've found that the VERY best idea to help me reach my goals is to break each one down into actionable steps with deadlines. Reverse engineer each goal by thinking of the steps you would need to take to hit the goal. Work your way back to the very first step - and then set reasonable timelines for each one. Once you've done that for each goal, you can set up a calendar with every step for every goal on the calendar. By keeping your eye on those dates and steps, you'll hit your goals faster than you think!

To help you define and set your 2022 goals, download my FREE Goal Planner for 2022! Good luck!



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