How to Sell the Benefits of Interior Design

sell the benefits of an interior designer

It's an interesting time for interior design. There are people trying to sell what we do on apps, through edesign, and with lower and lower pricing. But that's the wrong way to sell a service!! As we all know, interior design isn't just furniture layouts and paint colors. We offer a luxury service that also improves the lives of our clients through functionality. And THAT'S how we should be selling our services! Here are my top tips for selling the benefits of interior design:

1. Market Function & Form

We have to sell our ability to create homes that truly work for the people that live in them. We have to show that we think of things that no one else does, and we have the knowledge and experience to create homes that support our clients' lifestyles. How?! Well you can do things like adding a caption to each project on your website. That caption should tell the reader how you made the kitchen more efficient, or how you gave them a space that would grow WITH their kids. Or how you adjusted the counters to their specific height. Or how you widened the door frames to accommodate their mom's walker. Share the specific ways that you created a functional home!

2. Questions Before Colors

When you first meet with a prospective client, be careful not to just focus on colors and how stunning you can make their home. You want to show them that you've got the chops to really change their lives. Ask questions, like:

  • How will they use each room?
  • Are there special needs?
  • How do they cook?
  • How do they entertain?

Once they've signed on, you also want to give them in-depth and focused questionnaires that will give you the information they need to deliver a functional and fabulous home!

3. Present and Future

One of the biggest mistakes a designer can make is not thinking about the future. As you're designing the home, be sure you talk with the clients about how the home might need to change in 5-10 years. For example, will their kids be out of the house? Will a parent need to move in? Will they need different lighting for their own aging eyes (hey - it happens to ALL of us!!)? Or is this a home they plan to sell in 10 years? Those are all KEY to how you will provide the function they need!

To make that even easier for you, download my FREE Client Communication Log here! It will help you have as many conversations as you need to, so you can get the best information on what your client needs. And don’t forget that you can get my FULL client questionnaires, quick resource guides, remodel cost worksheets and more in my full Return on Interiors system.

4. Added Value

There is so much added value in great design! As professionals, we know where the biggest return on investment will be - and it's always in added function! If this isn't your client's forever home, making it more functional is only going to make it more attractive to future homeowners. They'll also appreciate the outlets on the island, or the task lighting that's exactly where it should be. They'll also love the built in smart home system, or the walk-in steam shower. Function = money!

Use these ideas to really sell yourself as an expert - because YOU ARE! That's what sets us apart. We know how to create homes that aren't just beautiful - they're going to support our clients and make their lives more efficient and effective! 

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