How to Make the Most of 2022

In the past, so many designers have set a "word" or intention for a new year. Although that fell out of favor a bit once the pandemic showed up with all its chaos, I think there is one word ALL interior designers should have on their radar this year: ACTION. This year should be THE year that you finally take action on anything you've been putting off. And these items are really the ones all of us should be focusing on:


I know, it isn't a fabulous subject. I know it's annoying and scary. But we're going to have some rocky times ahead and you need to know EXACTLY where you and your business stand. You want to have everything buttoned up and absolutely clear so you can make your plans and set your financial goals. 


Do you know what business you have in the coming months? Do you see any spaces that need to be filled in your calendar of work? A client pipeline helps you keep things in perspective and allows you to avoid a rollercoaster ride for your business. I use mine ALLL the time - it's critical to my success!


How is your marketing strategy? Do you know where to reach your target clients? Do you have a plan for where and how you'll market in 2022? And don't say you're too busy! The busy times are THE most important time to market your services. That way you'll never have those scary times where you don't have any clients on the horizon.


To save time, and keep you from reinventing the wheel, you need to have templates for your recurring client communications. And those for your team members and subs! Those templates will save you time and will keep any important outreach from falling through the cracks. 

Processes and Systems

THIS is a big one. And I know a lot of you don't have these in place. You keep running along, relying on your memory and some general digital files to keep you going. But that can't be sustained forever. Something is going to give. To keep that from happening, and to reduce your stress level, make this the year that you FINALLY have systems and processes in place for every single part of your business.

Now comes the EASY part - you actually don't need to invest a lot of time an effort into any of this. WHY?!? Because I've already done it FOR YOU. My Return on Interiors system is like a design business in a box - it's all there. Financial courses, step-by-step instructions, pipelines, timelines, budgets, communication templates and so much more! So make this your year to take ACTION and finally get your business organized, streamlined, more efficient, and much more profitable! Just click here to learn more!



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