How to Keep that Superstar Employee Happy

It's a VERY tight job market out there right now. You probably already know that if you've been trying to hire help. And when it's almost impossible to get new employees, you DEFINITELY do not want to lose the ones you have. Especially if you are lucky enough to have a fabulous employee. Here's how to keep that superstar employee right by your side!

Pay Them Well

It's the name of the game today - great employees can definitely find other places to work today so you have to stay competitive. That can include salary and bonuses, but also consider other benefits like flexible hours or more vacation time. In fact, studies show that when you're budgeting for payroll that it's more important to pay your best employee more than it is to hire more help. Because new help take a while to onboard and losing your best employee can be devastating. 

Offer Growth

A recent Harvard Business School study showed that employees really value opportunities to learn and grow. That could include everything from courses and CEUs to traveling to markets and trade shows to going on shopping trips with you to marts and antique fairs. They also could receive more responsibility or a percentage of any new business they bring in. Give them the chance to grow within your company.

Show Your Appreciation

I was just talking to a fellow designer who told me that she was arranging a spa day for her overworked team. That's a great idea! It shows them how much she cares about them and their wellbeing. Appreciation can be shown in ways that are small (thank you notes, Starbucks cards, flowers on their desk) to large (gift cards, bonuses, travel with you). But be sure you're telling them and showing them how much they mean to you and your company.

Encourage Feedback

Employees want respect and to feel that they are being heard. Ask for their opinion or advice on a project - and REALLY listen! Allow them to speak their minds about how to move forward with clients, how to improve your systems, or options that you can show your clients. But remember, you can't just hear the feedback and never take it. Find ways to honor their ideas!

Don't Micromanage

We've ALL worked for someone who micromanaged us and it is never ever fun. Plus, if you're the one doing the micromanaging, you're not going to be as efficient and effective at your own job. The employee that we're talking about wouldn't BE a superstar if he or she couldn't handle the work. So don't look over their shoulders constantly. Give them a project or task with a deadline and then get out of their way. 

Speaking of that, you can download my FREE Delegation Checklist here. It will remind you of what you've agreed to pass on to someone else and that they can definitely handle it! Use these ideas to keep that fabulous employee happy and by your side!



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