How Emotion Can Make You More Successful

It's always been a belief in business that you should keep emotion out of the boardroom. Or you may have heard the one about how women are too emotional - UGH! But there's actually scientific proof that certain emotions can actually make you MORE successful at what you do! Here are 3 that research says you should use as often as possible!


Feel grateful for what you have and who you are! Show gratitude to your clients for working with you! Besides the benefits of making you happier and giving your clients better customer service, feelings of gratitude have been shown to make people more patient. And it makes them want to keep going until they reach their goals. So practice gratitude - it really will change your attitude!


There are actually several different types of empathy. The type most of us think of - where you feel for the other person and want to help - is a GREAT one for designers. It is really what makes all of us want to be in a service industry. We want to deliver a gorgeous home to our clients. But there's another form of empathy that is just as important. It's the ability to actually see things from another person's perspective. So instead of arguing with the contractor about why he's taking so long to complete something, step into his shoes for a minute and see if there's a specific reason. Being able to see things from your client's perspective also makes you a smarter marketer of your services...and it helps you deliver a better home that really works for your client!


This may not seem like a helpful emotion on the surface, but hear me out! Studies have shown that when you're proud of the work you do, you project confidence to others. And you KNOW you're going to be able to convince a client that you're THE designer they want if your projecting that confidence. Pride also makes us want to do the best job we can. It keeps us focused on the details. And it makes us ever better at what we do!!

No matter what, you want to make your client feel like you’re working as a team! I have a GREAT collaboration tip sheet that will help – just click HERE for a FREE download!


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