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Get More Done in Fewer Hours!

There are so many weeks when I wish there were 26 hours (or more) in a single day!! Sometimes I feel like someone sped up the clock and I'll never get everything done. If you feel like that, too, you know that being as productive as possible is the one thing that will slow it all down. But HOW to stay on track is the key! Here are 4 things that have much me more productive:

1. Take a Lunch Break

Well that seems like a completely strange thing to suggest, right?! But a recent study from Tork states that, "North American workers value their lunch breaks and feel more engaged and productive when they make the time to take a lunch break every day. " We all realize that our body is not meant to sit in one place for hours at a time, but that's how we get a design done, right? So, instead of thinking of taking a lunch break as a luxury, go for it! You will be more engaged and productive when you are back at the office!

2. Keep Your Focus

Speaking of focus, remember that multitasking has gone the way of the unicorn! It just isn't a real thing. Period. You need to stay completely focused on one task at a time. The best way to do that is to turn off all of your distractions - like your phone. Tell your assistant to keep people from knocking on your door. And don't try to do 2 things at once. If you keep focus on the ONE thing you want to accomplish, you'll move faster and be FAR more productive!

3. Don't Be Trivial

This is a really important productivity idea, but one we ALL forget. There are things that are big-picture, and then there are all the little details. Most of the time, the details are the easiest thing to check off our lists, so we just go straight to those first thing. That's the WRONG thing to do!! Tackle the bigger and meatier things on your list, even if you would much rather avoid them. Once you're able to check a BIG thing off your list, it actually motivates you to keep going. And it keeps your eye on the big picture, which helps you prioritize what REALLY needs to be done.

4. Make a Better List

Yes, I know you already have a to-do list, and it's probably 5 miles long. And that's the entire problem. No one can finish all of that in one day, or even one week! So having that long scroll staring you in the face every single day can be de-motivating, and demoralizing! So try 2 things to make a better list. First, prioritize that long, long list. Then make a SHORTER list - one that has just 2-3 things on it that you should finish today. Then put 2-3 more on a list for tomorrow. Keeping a shorter list helps you maintain focus - and you can't really get much more than 2-3 of those things done per day anyway!

To help you with that last point, click here for my FREE download to Prioritize Your To Do List! It really will rock your world!

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