5 Tips for Wooing the Builder You Always Wanted to Work With


There are so many fabulous architects and builders out there to work with - but, let's admit, some are better than others. There are always those superstar builders that are doing amazing homes and I've been lucky enough to work with some of them. But how do you get to know them if your business isn't on their radar? I have 5 tips that I know will work!

1. Ask for a Meeting

You've heard the old saying that you never get what you don't ask for, right? Well if you don't reach out to the builder and ask for a meeting, you'll definitely never get to know your target, much less get to work with him or her. But don't start with a hard sell. It's better to reach out and ask for coffee or a lunch meeting. You can also say that you've admired their work and just want to get to know them better. Try a genuine and easy approach! Another way I've clinched the meeting is by sending gifts - everyone loves a gift. It could be a Sonos speaker, an mini iPad with your work on it, or even just a package of local goodies. Be sure to include a note asking for that lunch meeting!

2. Wow with Your Work

Look at your website again - do you have your very best projects on there? Are there any photos that you might want to take down? Because as soon as that builder hears from you, he or she is going right to your site to check it out. You want them to be WOWED by your work, not underwhelmed. Does your social media showcase your work and your brand the way it should? Again - if the builders you're targeting are smart, they're going to go look at your accounts, so be sure they look AMAZING. Another thing you can do is take an iPad to your meeting with the builder, so you can show them what you can do. And it's always good to have some sort of leave-behind that they can take back to the office with them.

3. Pitch Your Professionalism

Allow the builder to talk about their business and how they work - ask LOTS of questions so they feel heard. And when you get a chance, present your process and talk about your attention to detail and how you help support the builders and architects that you've worked with. Builders are just like anyone else - they want to work with people that are going to make their jobs easier AND that will be on top of each and every task and detail. Bring a spec binder with you and show them how much information you will share with them on a job. Pitch and PROVE your professionalism!

4. Bring Out the Benefits

It's also important to come to the table with offers, not just "asks." So think about how a relationship with the builder can be mutually beneficial. Maybe you can also bring the builder clients. Or maybe you have connections that they also would like to have. It might even be your clear communication system! You want to give them as many reasons to say YES as you can!

5. Follow Up  

You probably won't walk away from the table with a project or deal, but that doesn't mean you can work with your target builder in the future. The key is to follow up. Send a thank you note after the lunch. Email a month or so later to check in. Follow up at the holidays. Keep your name top-of-mind with that builder. Remember that you're building a relationship and that takes time!

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