high functioning kitchen

4 Ways to Perfect a High-Function Kitchen Design

The kitchen really is the heart of the home - and in today's world, that heart is even more important. So how do you take a kitchen design from good to oh-my-gosh?! I have 4 sure-fire ways to give your clients a kitchen that really will function for them - and they are all about communication!

1. How Does Your Client Cook?

This one is REALLY key! You need to determine, before you start on one bit of design, how your client will use the kitchen. Do they love to cook gourmet meals? Is it all about just feeding the kids in a hurry? Do they mostly heat food up or get takeaway? Do they entertain a lot? Every single answer is going to give you a clue for what that kitchen project needs. If they absolutely HAVE to bake every weekend, then the oven is a critical decision. If they love to entertain, then they may want a wine refrigerator. The answers to those questions are going to make you deliver the best kitchen for your clients!

2. The Heart of the Home

Is the kitchen an afterthought for your clients - just a place to eat breakfast? Or is it a hang-out space where the family gathers for more than just meals? Your clients may need an island or peninsula so the kids can do their homework. Or maybe they need a big kitchen table for crafts or other tasks. Asking questions about how they will LIVE in the space is important!

3. Honesty Is the BEST Policy

Get to the heart of that budget as soon as you can - get them to be very honest with you about what they have to spend so there aren't any surprises later. But YOU also need to be honest! Tell them EXACTLY how long you estimate the project will take. They don't want to hear weeks or months, but you're going to have to let them know what the reality is.

4. Be Detail Oriented

Consider those little details that mean a lot to your clients. Like specialty drawers for the trash or pot lids, the perfect task light right over a prep area, an outlet just where you need it, a TV mount for those who need their news, specialty storage for pet foods or baking supplies. Those things that no one ever thinks about until it's too late - they really will make your clients LOVE their new kitchen if you talk about them ahead of time!

So go ahead and start some amazing communication with your client with a Team Meeting Notes template! You will be so happy that you wrote down all of the meeting details when you finish the best kitchen EVER!



PS - Want more questionnaires to help you get at the heart of what your clients wants and needs? Check out the Return on Interiors system! It's packed full of forms, templates, timelines, and processes to make your business run more smoothly and profitably!

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