4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

I have said it so many times - confidence is THE key to your company's success! If you don't have confidence in your talent and in your business, it's going to be very difficult for you to convince people to hire you. You also tend to second guess yourself when you aren't confident. That can mean mistakes, missed deadlines, and costly issues. But I also know that keeping your confidence up is TOUGH, especially in today's design world. Even the very best interior designers get knocked down by cranky clients, supply chain issues, and mistakes made by team members. So here are four great ways to boost your confidence when you need it MOST!

1. Celebrate Strengths & Successes

We can all get SO bogged down in the day-to-day issues of our business that we forget to celebrate when we have an amazing success. Take time to recognize when you've done something amazing - no matter how small! Allow yourself to bask in a little glory now and then. You should also remind yourself of your strengths and how FAB you are. Pat yourself on the back and take those victory laps! That will keep you focused on what you do well and how valuable you are for your clients!

2. Open Communication

How is your communication? Do you keep in touch with your clients often? Do you meet with your team regularly? Does it take you FOREVER to craft the right email? Great communication skills are so important. They keep things moving along, they make your client feel like you're in control, and they avoid major issues because everyone is on the same page. And THAT is going to boost your confidence in your ability to get things done! So how ARE you at communication?? (And FYI, I have something that will make it super EASY for you - just keep reading!!)

3. Ban the Burnout

No one - and I mean no one!! - can be their best when they are exhausted and at the end of their rope. Stress has never ever made anyone have a better attitude, right?! So don't put off any self care or downtime. You NEED to get your rest to perform your very best. Think about how we all feel when we've just had a fabulous visit to the hair salon. Or when you have had the very best night's sleep. You feel like you can conquer the world, don't you?? I know I do! So take the time to stop and smell the roses. That will definitely make you feel like the queen - or king - of the world.

4. Tighten Up

Of course I'm talking about tightening up your processes and systems. If you're team is running like a well-oiled machine, you'll feel confident that you can take on any project and any client. You'll also avoid those confidence-busting issues like missed deadlines, dropped balls, and costly errors. UGH. Wherever you see a need for a system, template, checklist, or other process, start getting everything in place NOW. And review how thing went after every project, so you can add or delete steps as needed.

NOW - how about that easy way to get your client communication in order?? My Communication Templates make everything simple! In this package, you get an onboarding Welcome Packet to start things off the right way with new clients. You'll also receive customizable email templates that cover everything from determining if a client is the right fit, to sending proposal follow ups, to asking for overdue invoices. AND I've included mood boards to help you communicate exactly how a room will look. This package is designed to give you a MAJOR confidence boost when dealing with your clients - all in one fabulous place! Just click here to learn more!

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