4 New Ways to Think About Marketing

Marketing should be one process in your business that NEVER stops. In fact, just about everything you do is marketing, from how your phone is answered to how you present yourself to a client. Of course the most important tools in your marketing kit are a fabulous website that represents your brand, AND how you present yourself on social media. Why? Because no matter who it is - a potential client, press, a possible partner - they're going to check out your website and social media channels first. And sometimes they'll do that without you even knowing they are there! For your ongoing marketing, though, it's good to shake things up and think out of the box. So here are 4 new ways to think about how you market your business and your services!

1. Goal Oriented

Marketing isn't something that should be cookie cutter! That's really what it's about in today's world. So throw out all of your old ideas of what you HAVE to do just because that's what everyone else is doing. Your goals may not be the same as another designer's goals! And if you want more clients, your marketing plan will be different than if your goal is to get a licensing deal. To drill down even MORE, if you want to get more luxury clients then your marketing will be different from someone who wants a more mid-income client. So examine those goals and align your marketing to them!

2. Local vs National

Once you have your goals in place, that will help you decide where to focus your marketing! Local press and targeted social ads will help you bring in more clients. National press will help you raise your profile and possibly expand your market. Use that idea of geographic targeting to tailor your marketing to what you're trying to achieve for your business.

3. Knowledge Is Power

How well do you know your client? WHO are you targeting?? The more you know, the better your marketing will be. For example, if you know most of your favorite clients love to wear Carolina Herrera, then you can use that as a targeting detail on your social ads so they'll pop up for anyone in your area who loves that brand. The same idea applies for other targeting details, like if most of your clients are lawyers or are in the top 5% of household incomes. But you can also think out of the box for where you pitch your projects, too! If you have a lot of clients who are divorced dads, you could always pitch a fabulous media room to a men's magazine! Think about WHO you're trying to talk to and meet them where they are.

4. Personalize It

Make your marketing much more personal!! That works better than blindly blasting out a message. If you haven't started to build an email list, get on that NOW. With the right CRM - like MailChimp or Constant Contact - you can send emails that look completely personal and individual. You should also remember to send thank you cards and gifts to your best former and current clients. And use your social media to tell a story that will romance the clients that you really want to work with. Think about what your clients want to hear and see more than you think only about what you want to say!

But step one, no matter what, is to have those goals in place. Have you set your annual goals? Or if you did, have you already forgotten about them?? It's only February so let's start over! Download my FREE Guide to Setting Annual Goals here and use those goals to start a smart marketing plan!


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