4 Ways to Be More Adaptable to Change

Well, if we've learned nothing else this year, we've definitely seen that change is inevitable. There's been so much transition and turbulence this year that it's been hard to keep up. If you aren't good with change, that can be incredibly stressful and can disrupt your business to the point where you're not sure which end is up, right?! The key is to be adaptable, to be able to move and modify as needed, and to keep up with the new reality. Here are 4 ways to help you go with the flow! 

Confront Your Fear

The most common reason we don't like change is that most people are scared of the unknown! When we don't know what's coming, it makes us want to run away or hide! I started asking myself, "What's the worst thing that could happen if I did...?" When you look that fear in the face, it's SOOOO much easier to make a plan to deal with it. And know that there's a reason for the saying, "Change Is Good." Change opens us up to opportunity. So kick that fear to the curb!


Routine actually can make us lazy even though it can be so comforting. Instead of just going along with the way you've always done something, experiment with new ideas or processes! Look at things in a different way. to change things up from the way you've always done them. When you try this in a controlled way - meaning it's your decision and you are the one deciding how to change - then you'll be more prepared when life throws something at you. You'll understand that change isn't always a bad thing! Review your business practices and see where some change might help you do things better or more efficiently! If you just implement one change, you will become empowered to do more!

Think Long Term

When change hits us - especially when we aren't expecting it - it can seem overwhelming and all-consuming. Instead of panicking, it's better to think long term. The best piece of advice I've ever been given is to think about whether in 5 years something will still be as important or scary as it seems right now. Most of the time, the answer is NO. That helps you weed out the BIG changes from the smaller ones that just seem huge at the time. We need to think in a far-future strategy about our businesses. That also helps us see new trends and ideas coming way before they rock our boats. 

Consider Progress

What's REALLY interesting is that you can't have progress or make improvements without CHANGE. When you think about it like that, change becomes less scary, right?! We have to make adjustments and transitions to improve how we do things. We can't grow or make things better without deciding to change some things. Sometimes, the most overwhelming events that rock our world actually lead us to bigger and better things. Great innovation can come out of huge bumps in the road.

Some change is scary, of course. But if we can plan for the future and have our processes organized and in place, that helps us have the TIME to adapt to change and disruption. If you haven't already, please check out my Return on Interiors system. It was designed to make your business run more effectively and efficiently, which gives you more time to deal with the changes you've experienced in the last six months. If you're prepared and your business is running like a well-oiled machine, it makes ALL the difference in how you are able to pivot and transform!

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