3 Ways to Sell Your Client on Custom Design

custom design

As interior designers, we know that there's good design and then there's GREAT design! And the great rooms always include custom looks, something that makes them stand out from all the others. But, custom can mean expensive, and sometimes you just have to talk your client into spending the extra money. But HOW?! I've got 3 fail-safe ways to sell custom design!

1. They Deserve a Unique Home

No one wants a cookie-cutter look just like their neighbors! In fact, individuality is really driving our economy today. We're able to create our own car colors, our own tennis shoe designs, and personalized fragrances. So why should the home be any different?! This one is an easy technique. Talk to your client about how custom looks give them one-of-a-kind interiors that will really show their personalities and set them apart from their neighbors.

2. They Get What They Want

With custom design, your clients can get exactly what they want. If they love the color in a specific fabric, a custom paint color can match it exactly, If they have shorter legs, a chair can be created with the right height and pitch for them. Or if they love luxe looks but have pets and kids, custom looks can give them fabrics and materials that will stand up to the wear and tear. Or maybe they need cabinets to hold special bakeware in the kitchen. Custom design gives them not just a look they want, but also products that will fit their lifestyle, too!

3. It's Worth the Investment!

This is definitely one of those instances where saying "you get what you pay for" is really true. For example, custom cabinetry is the kitchen is a place where the quality investment stands out. Not only can you define how the storage is set up and what the doors and hinges look like, but the materials are going to be a higher quality, too. Talk your client through the quality of custom upholstery, or how the outdoor furniture is made to last for years. They should understand that an investment today will actually pay them back for a much longer time than production-line pieces.

No matter what, you want to make your client feel like you’re working as a team – that’s a great way to persuade them to go for your ideas! I have a GREAT collaboration tip sheet that will help – just click HERE for a FREE download!


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