3 Ways to Innovate in Your Business

In times of change, like now, it's a great time to look for opportunities and innovation - to really focus your eyes on the future. I know, many days you don't even feel like dealing with today, let alone tomorrow! But think about all of the recent changes in the way we look at our home. Who knew a year ago that everything - school, work, entertainment - would be centered in our houses? Here's how to use those changes to your advantage through innovation!

1. Look for What Your Clients Want

Most of the time, new innovations are staring us in the face! Our clients know what changes they want in their own homes, and that is the first sign of a big new trend. All we have to do is look for the patterns. The move to use formal dining rooms for libraries, work spaces, or family areas started with one client saying: "I never use my formal dining room and I feel like it's wasted space!" The big push for pet areas came from a client who said they wanted to have a place to wash and feed their dog that would be stylish AND functional. And now our clients need home offices, better spaces for their kids, and more function in their kitchens. They will always tell us what they need - and that includes new services from you. We just have to LISTEN.

2. Look FAR Ahead

We get so tied down in our day-to-day work that we don't remember to lift our heads up and look at what's happening around us! Set aside some time to read about trends in other areas, like fashion or food. Look to Europe for cutting-edge directions that could translate here. Read business, tech, and trend publications. Step out of your everyday and look ahead for what's coming - you never know what will impact the home and your clients! When you see a new idea on the horizon, plan for how you can address it through an innovative idea. Being the first to spot a trend gives you a BIG advantage. Want an example? Well, what if you offered a VR walkthrough of your client's project to show them how it would feel to walk into their new space? That would really make an impact and would show that you are tech savvy. Win-win!

3. Experiment and Dream

We don't feel like we're busy enough or successful enough if we're not filling every single second with a task. But do you know how the greatest inventors and tech CEOs say they came up with their biggest ideas? Nope, it's not by working on their computer. They find their best ideas by daydreaming, doodling, and experimenting! We all need time to let our minds free - that's when the good stuff happens. It's why we have such great ideas in the shower or just before falling asleep. In fact, the founder of 3M used to have a "15% rule." He wanted all of his employees to spend 15% of their time on a type of daydreaming, or working on things that had nothing to do with their job at 3M. He believed that opening up their minds like that allowed them to come up with great new ideas. And it's true! So what will YOU do with your 15%?

Innovation does not have to be formal or super-complicated. It's really about coming up with better ideas, and that can be as simple as a new service, a new marketing idea, or even a supplier you weren't using before. But by constantly innovating, you can stay ahead of the curve!

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