You Really Are Only As Good As Your Team

Have you noticed all of the "We're Hiring" posts by interior designers in the last few months?! Yes, we're all slammed and in need of support staff to help us make it through! When you're building that all-important team, you really need to keep in mind that not only should you hire the best fit for your company, but you need to support your employees, too. HOW? Here are 4 ways to be sure your team is happy and thriving so your business stays on that path to success:

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1. Communication (Of Course!)

Ask ANY business guru and they will all tell you that the most effective leaders are GREAT communicators! You want to be sure you're keeping them informed on everything that you want and need from them. You also want to ask them for their ideas and suggestions - you never know where the next great idea will come from. And you want to model the type of straightforward and honest communication that you expect to be part of your company. Having this process in place will make your business run more smoothly AND can help you avoid costly mistakes!

2. Listen to Them

Communication is NOT working well when it's a one way street. If you're the only one spouting off information and directives, you aren't really communicating. Be sure you LISTEN to what your employees have to say. Really listen. Everyone wants to be heard. If you're really in tune with your team, you'll know when something has gone off track, or when there are adjustments or changes that need to be made. And when your team is happy (or unhappy!), your clients will know it. Keep that in mind. 

3. Know Your Employees

I'm not just talking about knowing when their birthdays are or what their favorite colors are. You need to understand how your employees like to work and what communication styles they prefer. For example, you may have an employee who is REALLY good in front of clients and others who may not like to be client facing. Or you may have an employee who needs to go away and think about information you've given them before they give you an opinion. Don't force people to adopt YOUR style - use them most effectively for what you NEED!

4. Keep That Door Open

You can't say you have an open door policy if you keep slamming it in your employees' faces! To be a really good leader, you have to make time to check in with your team, and to let them come to you. They should trust that you care about them and their success. You can't be "too busy" to be interested in what they need and to support their growth. Otherwise you could lose some superstar employees that are making you look good!

Your team really can help or hurt your business, so use these ideas to be sure you're a supportive and open leader. AND, as promised, to help you with those new hires, download my FREE Guide to Onboarding a New Hire! This amazing guide will help you get your employee up to speed as soon as possible, so they can be a super-effective team member!



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