communication is more important now than ever

Why Communication Is More Important Now than Ever

Communication is ALWAYS important in our business - we have to stay in touch with our clients, contractors and builders, vendors, and more! But during this time of uncertainty, communication is more important than it EVER was! Why? Read on....

Your Clients Are Worried, Too

All of that worry, fear, and anxiety you feel is EXACTLY how your current clients are feeling right now, too! Be sure you are reaching our more than ever, letting them know how the project is going and what you're doing to move things along. Even if the answer to that is "emailed vendors again," you want them to have confidence that you're determined to stay on top of the project. They're going to be concerned about money like never before - even if they haven't lost their jobs or had a cut in income. It's just the nature of what we're all going through. The worldwide economy is in rough shape, and it's natural that they're going to be more on edge than normal. Be patient, be kind, and be IN TOUCH. A lot. 

Former Clients Need to Hear from You, Too!

Don't forget to reach out to former clients - make the email about checking in with them to make sure they're ok. But you can add a bit into the email asking if they realized anything in their home that needs work. After spending so much time in their houses, they probably have some rooms that they want to re-do, or some projects that just can't wait any longer. If you reach out - not in a hard-sell way - you're reminding them that you can be the perfect person for their renovations and redesigns!

Vendor Communication Is KEY!

Just as important as your client communication is outreach to vendors. I saw a webinar with 2 major vendors who said they want designers to communicate with them as much as possible right now. It's key to understand who is shipping, what the ship times are looking like, and what product is going to be harder to get. Remember that their own supply chains have been disrupted and things are going to take a while to get back to normal. So you want to have the best information you can to ensure your clients get products as soon as possible! 

Talk to Builders and Architects

Stay in touch with the builders, contractors, and architects that you work with most. You want to be sure they remember YOU, too. Stay on top of current projects, but also get information on what they are moving forward with, and what's on hold in your area. Knowledge is power, especially when you need to have projects kick back into high gear. And remember that your subs and workrooms are also super important. Don't make them think you've forgotten them! You want to keep those relationships as strong as possible. I think custom work is going to be even MORE important than ever, so if you work with any local artisans be sure they know you value them and will work with them very soon.

To help you stay in touch, download my Client Communication Log for FREE here! Use it to keep track of which clients need to hear from you, and when!


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