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Time to Review Your 2021 Goals!

This has been the year that is flying by AND is dragging its feet! Time has no meaning anymore, right?! But here we are at the midway mark, and it's time to assess, review, and adjust. Not an easy task when the world is still feeling tentative about when and how to reopen. Here's how you can tackle that review and set yourself up for second-half success!


The best way to assess where you are right now is to look at your goals or intentions for the year. Have you met any of them already? If so, YAY for you! Are you on your way to meeting goals? That's also great - making progress is an amazing accomplishment. And are you completely off the mark with other goals? Don't fret, the landscape is changing about every other minute in our business, so that may not be entirely your fault. Do you want to continue with those goals? Or should you drop any of them and add new ones? None of this is meant to be judgmental - this is the nature of business! Another important assessment is to look ahead at what may change. Will there be an impact on your business as your clients begin to travel and head out of their homes? Will the continuing issues with the furniture supply chain (they aren't going to go away, trust me) impact what you do in second half? How can you adjust your business to meet those challenges head on?


Okay, what worked and what didn't work for you in the first 6 months of 2021? Now is the time to really take a hard look at EVERYTHING - including your goals. Set aside uninterrupted time for this review process. Look for both successes and issues. Write down each one in a separate document or page. You want to celebrate your successes and examine WHY those things went so well. And then apply that same process to your challenges - again without judgment. You're look for patterns and commonalities that are causing problems. Write those down! The only way that you can avoid those issues is to face them head-on. For your goals, ask yourself if you are taking that steps you really need to reach those goals. And if you're procrastinating, WHY? 


After a thorough assessment and review, you should be able to see things much more clearly! Is there anything holding you back from the path to your goals? What can you do about that? Do some goals need to be adjusted or thrown out? And do new ones need to be added? Don't back away from those goals that are a reach for you, though! This isn't meant to be a time to throw your hands up and give up - you have 6 months to adjust and get back on track. And look at those patterns that have been causing you problems in your business. Now is the time to face them and break them! Do you have an employee that needs to go? Is there a process that you're missing in your business that would make things easier? Is now the time to stop selling product since you can't get it anyway? Be decisive and make the changes you need to make for that second-half success!

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