The One Thing That Guarantees a Successful Project

Running your own business is so difficult - you have to understand your financials, have a solid business plan, create a strategic marketing plan, be witty and smart on social media, manage your clients, AND manage your team members. Whew, that is A LOT. But there is one thing, above all the others, that can guarantee that you have successful projects and happy clients. And that is information. Don't believe me?? Well, let's break it down...

Ask the Right Questions

If you don't ask the right questions of your clients - right from the beginning - there is NO way they're going to really be satisfied with the project! I use incredibly in-depth questionnaires to help me get right to the heart of what my clients want. The questions aren't just about favorite colors and patterns. They go MUCH further into how the room is used, what works, what doesn't work, how certain textures make them feel, what light is most important, and on and on! You may think that clients don't want to fill all of that out or talk it through with you, but THEY DO. They are making a huge investment and they are excited about the outcome! If you tell them that each of these questions is going to help you deliver their dream home, they'll be thrilled to give you the answers you need.

Make the MOST of the Answers

Asking those questions is seriously important. But if you don't actually act on the info they give you, it won't matter at all. Here's an example of what I mean - it is very common for a person in the household to ask for a recliner. We as designers may not like that idea, but for true comfort and a welcoming room, it can be CRITICAL for some clients to have the seating THEY really want. There may even be medical reasons for the recliner - but you wouldn't know if you didn't ask. We often want to design something that WE want to be able to show off and get published. And of course we want the home to be as gorgeous as possible. But if you ignore a client's request for something like a recliner, you aren't really delivering on what THEY want. It's your job to find the right solution for them that will be lovely AND functional. Period.

Tell Them That You Listened

This is an old - but EFFECTIVE - way to win people over and to demonstrate your expertise. During the presentation of your design, be sure to point out specific places where you really listened to what they said. It could be:

  • "You told me that you have arthritis, so we used handles here instead of knobs."
  • "You said you loved the blue in your mother's china, so we used that in the dining room."
  • "You don't like the TV to be out in the open, but this room is your husband's favorite place to watch Netflix. So I designed this art that can be folded back to reveal the TV!"

Giving that kind of feedback will make you a superstar in your clients' eyes! But it starts with the right questions. With that in mind, I have the PERFECT bundle of tools to help you get that information.

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