The Best Gift to Give Yourself for 2023

It's that time of year - we're all making lists and checking them twice! But while you're finding the perfect gift for everyone else in your life, be sure to give yourself a great gift to start the new year off right. I'm not talking about a book or a sweater. I'm talking about peace of mind. That is what you need for the new year: Less stress and more peace. But how do you get that zen going for the new year? It's easy, just try these 4 things.

1. Stop Stressing About Money

You may think this is easier-said-than-done, but you're wrong. We've talked about it so many times. Get your financials under control so you understand exactly what your income and expenses look like and then make a plan. You can decide to raise your fees or add more services. You could reduce your expenses or expand your territory. The point is that ALL of that is under YOUR control. Once you take control, you'll feel so much better about your company! 

2. Button Up Your Business

Our clients are going to be busy over the holidays and it's traditionally a slower time for all of our businesses. So take this opportunity to FINALLY get processes and systems in place for every single part of your company and projects. That will reduce stress, help you control costs, and will make you more efficient and effective. No excuses anymore! And you KNOW where you can get help with this. Just click here!!!

3. Stop the Fear Factor

Whatever it is in your business that makes you feel nervous or less confident (and we all have SOMETHING), tell yourself it's time to face it. It could be that you hate reviewing your contract with clients. It could be that you're fearful when it's time to present your fees. Or maybe you have an employee or a sub who is a major problem for your business. After what we've all been through the last few years, it's time to face the fears head on. What's the worst that can happen? Make a game plan for what you need to do and then have the confidence to make it happen! You're the CEO of your own business - you have NOTHING to fear!

4. Delegate What You Don't Love

There are always things that we don't like about our companies or tasks that make us crazy. So this year, it's time to delegate what you don't love to do. And that includes things that you should NOT be doing anyway, like bookkeeping and working on your website. You need to focus completely on what brings you joy in your business and what brings in the cash. Make a list of all of your tasks and start sending things on to other people, including contract help. You'll thank me when you're having a MUCH more peaceful new year!

Now I have a small gift for you, too! It's my FREE Delegation Checklist to help you check tip #4 right off your list. Just click here and enjoy a bit of peace-of-mind on me!!

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