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The Best Client Questionnaire Has These 3 Things

The information you get from your clients during those initial meetings is critical to a successful project! If you don't get it right in the beginning, you just aren't going to deliver what your clients want. It could be the most beautiful home, with stunning art and selections, but your clients may not enjoy living there. And if they aren't completely happy, that will definitely impact your future business, particularly since most designers still (and always will) get most of their future business by word-of-mouth from former clients. So how do you get that all-important info right from the start?? You HAVE to include these 3 things on your client questionnaire!

1. Likes and Dislikes

This may seem obvious, but I've seen client questionnaires that don't actually ask: "Who will be using this bathroom?" or "What is your favorite color?" You need to really drill down to what each family member would want to see in their home's decor. And - most importantly - you need to REALLY take in what they're saying! You may dream of creating a midcentury modern oasis in their home, but if they're telling you they love traditional looks, you'd better deliver what THEY want and not just what YOU want. Don't be afraid to include a lot of questions for each family member. It's important to get this right and to really understand what your clients would define as their dream home.

2. How They Live

Here is where your expertise REALLY comes into play! Lots of people can create a beautiful home, but it takes skill to design a home that also functions perfectly for how your clients live. You want to ask questions about their day, which rooms they stay in most, where they wish they had extra light, or whether they prefer baths to showers. Those details will help you create a home that they feel comfortable in, that supports their lifestyle and what they need. And trust me, they may not notice everything that you put into place - like the light switch that's exactly where they need it - but they will feel that their home was designed perfectly for them!

3. Family Info

There are two important reasons why you need family information. First, you want to be sure you've thought about what every single family member needs. I love to talk to kids and teens about what they want in their rooms, too! But you also want to know when your clients and their family members have birthdays or anniversaries. You want to know their pets' names and what activities their kids are into. Why? To give them that extra special attention and customer care! You want to reach out on their birthdays, to give them special treats (like a basket of dog toys) during the project, and to show you care. This will help you cement that relationship and ensure that they will recommend you to everyone they know! 

Remember, the more you know, the better you can deliver a home that is perfect for your clients! To help you with client care, you can also download my Guide to Give Your Clients the Best Experience - just click here!



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