The #1 Mistake You're Making When Pitching Potential Clients

You have the best marketing materials. You've lit candles and put out snacks. You KNOW you have the best design ideas for their project. And you REALLY want to design this house. But.... you didn't get the job. Were your fees too high? Did you blow it with the wrong design ideas? Nope, you just made the TOP mistake when pitching to a client. But what was it??

It's a Simple Thing

We all do it. We are SO excited to tell our clients how fabulous we are and how we are totally ready to make their dream home come true. So we talk and talk and talk. And we don't listen to THEM - even when they are telling us exactly what they want. It is such a simple thing to listen to the clients, but we just get caught up in the moment and forget to stop and HEAR them. The most successful projects are the ones where you really deliver what that client wants. But you cannot ever do that unless you listen to them from the very beginning. 


Do you remember the last time someone listened to you without interrupting or changing the subject? Active listening is so amazing - it's a sign of respect and care! You want to give that potential client your undivided attention. No taking notes. No looking at something else. No interrupting. You should have an assistant take notes for you so you can look your potential client directly in the eye to show you are absolutely hearing everything they are saying. Ask follow-up questions if you need to, but be sure they've finished what they wanted to say first. I like to create an agenda - just for me! - that helps me stay on track. It follows this general format: introductions of me and anyone with me, along with introductions of everyone on the client side. Then I tell them I'm going to go over how we work and what's involved, but then I'm going to want to hear from them. After they've had a chance to talk through what they want, I ask questions to be sure I understand EXACTLY what they're looking for. And then I give them next steps - like when and how I will be in touch. Stay on track and let them feel heard and understood!

You Can Fix It

So did you blow it with a recent meeting? You can always say that you weren't on your game that day and would love another chance. Or you can learn from that meeting and move on! Practice your active listening skills starting right now - it works on family and friends, too! Affirm TODAY that you will start moving forward with a new way of dealing with your potential clients. Make that just-for-you agenda so you remember to stop and let the client tell you what they're dreaming about. Make it your goal to be the BEST listener they've ever met!

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