Self Care Is Critical to Getting You Back on Track

The pandemic and our self isolations are playing havoc with our mental and emotional health. We're all anxious, scared, stressed, frustrated, and more - and that is what we go through in just 1 minute! Many health officials are calling this a collective trauma, and we all need to recognize that. So while you may see many well-meaning posts online about how you should be learning a new language or perfecting your painting skills, the most important thing you can do right now is practice self-care.

That isn't just important for YOU - it's also important for your business. To get everything back on track, you have to be in good mental and physical shape. Because this will be a long haul for all of us. And we need to be prepared.

Drink Lots of Water!!

So what should self-care involve? Here are some ideas:

Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine won't solve anything, but they are definitely mood lifters! Try to take some time to get out for a walk, or just to sit in the sun. I walk my dogs 4 times a day and live for the vitamin D! Outside is the perfect place to clear your mind and just BE.

Sleep as Much as You Need

Top CEOs and execs like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates prioritize their sleep. And that doesn't just mean at night. Many of them also schedule in 30-minute power naps. This is the time to reset your sleep clock and to discover exactly how much hours you need to be at your best.

Unplug from Technology

Yes, we're all using Zoom and FaceTime to communicate, and that's great. But we also need to unplug from the non stop barrage of frightening statistics and mindless TV. Sometimes it's good to veg with Netflix, but not all day. Try to step away and read an actual book. Or play with your kids. Or put together a puzzle. Personally, I love a great puzzle, but do whatever will help you relax.

Spa at Home

Create your own spa experience at home. Use that mask you keep meaning to try. Take a long, long shower with music playing. Share a manicure experience with your teen (or let your teen manicure your dog. Yep. Happened to my dogs!) Make it an important part of your day - you're worth it!

The key to all of this is to remind yourself of how important self-care is. Set up a self-care routine that you can continue when things are back to normal. Stress isn't going anywhere, but we have the time now to explore the things that will help us better manage that stress!



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