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Pivoting for More Business in the New Year

Do you know what I love about a new year?! It's the idea that anything is possible, that you can rethink everything with fresh ideas and exciting new ventures! My favorite thing to do at the beginning of a new year is to explore ideas for new business. It isn't about completely changing how I do things, it's about attracting more and better clients. It's about pivoting services so my company stays relevant and I make more money. So how can YOU pivot for more business in 2021? I have some ideas that I know will work - and I am going to give you a gift that will help you pitch a new partnership!

Rethink Your Target Client

It's probably been a while since you sat down and really looked at WHO your client is now and who you want your clients to be in the future. Are they the same? And if not, why not? Review past projects to find similarities in what kind of client you're attracting. If you wanted to uplevel your game, where and how would you market your business? Expanding your client base is key to growing your business, so create a detailed demographic for the clients you want to target and a plan for how to get their attention.

Look at Emerging Trends 

There are so many new technologies and changing consumer trends, especially after the past year. The pandemic accelerated a LOT of emerging ideas in the home arena, like wellness and working from home. How will that change in 2021? And what other trends are coming beyond next year? Anticipating what your clients will be asking for is key. You may want to add services or start your own education in those new technologies. You might want to research new sources for things like low-VOC paints or a yoga wall. Or maybe you'll offer specialized help for home theaters, outdoor entertainment areas, or zen spaces. Just keep your eye on the horizon and what's coming next so you can stay ahead of the game!

Explore Partnerships

Pivoting means moving in a new direction. Sometimes that's easier to do with a great partner. For example, you could add a new service to create specs for builders. Or you could work with a realtor to offer packages to new homeowners. You could reach out to a smart home advisor to offer a home technology package to your clients. There are so many great ideas out there - all you need to do is think differently about how you do business and what you offer to your clients.

To help you pitch your ideas to prospective partners, I've created a BRAND NEW download! The Builder Pitch PowerPoint (or Keynote!) Template is designed to help you pitch your services to a builder or contractor. All you have to do is insert your logo and photography - then you can send it to a prospective partner! With some tweaks you could also send it to architects, vendors, and brands that you may want to partner with. It's a GREAT way to explore new options for 2021! 


Good luck!



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