How to Stay Accountable and Motivated for Your Goals

One of the hardest things to do as a business owner is to set goals and actually follow through on them! That isn't a judgment at all - we're busy, and we have a LOT on our plates just trying to keep our business running. But everyone needs to be held accountable for the goals they set, and we need to stay motivated. Otherwise we will NEVER move to the next level or achieve those milestones that we keep dreaming about. I have a great system for holding myself and my business accountable for our goals, and it's an easy one to follow! Check out the steps below!

1. Be Realistic

Yes, we all want to stretch and reach those BIG goals. But it is NOT realistic to say you want to grow your business to 10x its size in just one year. Staffing alone would be a roadblock for that. Definitely set goals that will push you, but make them realistic. Don't give up on those SUPER stretch goals, though! Just set some smaller goals that you know will build the path to accomplishing that big milestone. Be honest with yourself about what you can do NOW, what you can do in the short term, and what you can do further down the road. Hitting those smaller goals will also keep you motivated to stay on track for your BIG plans!

2. Answer the Why Question

For ANY type of goal, you need to be able to answer the WHY question. In other words, WHY is it important to you? And the answer absolutely cannot be something vague that involves you comparing yourself to others in the industry. That isn't a good reason for a goal. If it's something YOU have always wanted, if it's something that would really make you feel like you are successful, then you're on the right track. Motivation only comes from something you REALLLLY want.

3. Use Your Team

Your team should understand what the company goals are and the part they play in those goals. You want them to have deadlines and milestones that they need to meet, too. And you want to have a system of accountability if they don't meet the deadlines that you've set for them. BUT - don't micromanage your team members! That's a waste of your time and theirs. Give them the tasks and deadlines, check in with them, and have clear communication about what happens if they don't finish what you've delegated to them. Also be sure to recognize when tasks are complete and things are going well. That will help keep EVERYONE motivated.

4. Set Accountability Systems

There are so many systems for holding yourself accountable, so find what works for YOU. Obviously you want to have strong deadlines, both for your projects and for your goals. But consider setting reminders on your phone if you forget things easily. Use a project management system like Asana (which I LOVE) to keep track of your goals. And set yourself an accountability partner like a mentor, a colleague, or a coach. Talk to them about what you're trying to achieve and ask them to check in with you to give you a nudge. It's SO much harder to let someone else down than to let yourself down.

5. Block Your Schedule

This is one of my FAVORITE accountability systems - I love to block time on my calendar for everything. Include the tasks and mini-goals that you need to accomplish to get your closer to your yearly goals. It's easy to let the day-to-day things get in the way, but if your calendar is blocked out for a specific task, it's a great signal to you and your team that you have things that you need to accomplish! 

6. Don't Let Fear Hold You Back 

This is a BIG one! The one thing that really does hold you back from reaching goals is fear. And that can even include fear of SUCCESS. We can throw a lot of roadblocks in our own way, including telling ourselves that we are just "too busy" to do anything but the tasks we have for our projects. But if that's all you ever do, your company won't grow and you won't achieve any goals. It's all about being a CEO rather than a worker bee. And yes, that can be scary. But you can do it!

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