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How to Start the 2nd Quarter with Confidence

Here we are in April - it's already the second quarter of your business year! AHH! How did we get here so quickly? And... before you know it, it will be summer. So this is a critical time for small businesses. The first quarter sets the pace for your year, but the second quarter is an important time to review and adjust to keep your company on track. Here are my top tips to prepare for your best year ever and enter the second quarter with confidence!

1. Review and Adjust

Companies (Yes, that means YOU!) should plan each quarter to achieve objectives that align with their annual goals. How are you doing on those goals you set in December or January? One thing I always try to remember is that goals and objectives are fluid. They can change slightly or drop off the radar as your year progresses. But, if you have any goals that you wanted to achieve by the summer, this is the time to refocus on them. Read through your list of goals, checking off any you might have already achieved (YAY for you!). Look at those that may have changed, and check your progress on the big goals that you definitely want to stay focused on. These periods of review actually give you more confidence because you can see progress that you've made. 

2. Check That Client Pipeline

We can always get so busy with our day-to-day lists of things to do that we forget to look forward to see what business we have in our pipeline. There's nothing worse than ending a project only to find you have zero projects set for the rest of the year. Yikes! I like to keep a running list of projects so I can look at it every week to see where there may be times that are open for more work. I can fill those with design consulting (like Design-for-a-Day services), small projects, or to begin a major build project. Remember that if you start marketing your services today, it can take 2 to 3 months to get results and new clients. 

3. Prepare for Change

If 2020 taught us nothing else, it definitely made us understand that change is inevitable. But remember that can include GOOD changes, too! For example, are you planning to travel again? Will you be attending shows and events again? Remember to think about how that will impact your schedule and projects as you move into the spring months. I know I'm excited to be able to see people again - HA! Think about what might reboot or change this summer as the world (hopefully) starts to reopen. How will that impact your business? Will your clients begin to spend on travel rather than their homes? Do you have a financial cushion to help you move through that transition? I would start to do some HEAVY marketing to ensure you stay top-of-mind with those clients. 

To help you move into the second quarter, download my FREE Quarterly Goals Worksheet here. It will help you move into the rest of the year with confidence and momentum!




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