How to Make Your Goals Personal

We all have moments where we look at our goals and wonder if they're still relevant. Or WHY we even wanted to work towards a goal in the first place! Sometimes we set goals based on someone else's expectations - or because we think we're SUPPOSED to have that goal. That's an especially common trend in the interior design business, where it seems there's a set path for "success" that everyone needs to follow. But that just does NOT make sense! Each and every business owner should have a clear idea of what they want for their company. And it will NOT follow a template. So here are 4 tips for making your goals more personal!

1. What Do YOU Want?

Take the time to sit down and consider what YOU want from your business - and be HONEST with yourself! First, think about the "end game" goal. What is your ultimate idea for what you want at the end of your career. If you want to be rich, then your primary goal every single year should be to make more money. If you want accolades and recognition, then that's what your goals should move you towards. Then think about the next 3 years - what do you want to accomplish? Again, this is going to be very personal to you and your company. And sometimes this can be a really hard thing for people to define. Push away any ideas of what "everyone else" is doing.Keep your eye on YOUR prize.

2. Rethink the Model

You do NOT have to do things the same way as everyone else! In fact, charting your own course can often lead to really great ideas and new innovations! So think completely out of the box. That can be for everything from how you charge, how you market your business, what services you offer, and how you do business. Start your own magazine to market your business! Create a new service that fills a need! Look at other business industries and other companies - what are they doing that's new and innovative? How could you use their ideas to create something new? 

3. Put Those Blinders On

This is the HARDEST part of being the owner of a small business. We tend to look around at what our competitors are doing and decide that we need what THEY have. WRONG. First of all, looking at another company from the outside does not always give you an accurate picture. They may LOOK successful, but could be struggling. And then what works for someone else may not work for YOU. Finally, just because someone in your industry is following a specific path does NOT mean you should take that same path. It's better for you to define your own idea of success and then do whatever it takes to reach THAT goal. So put your blinders on and don't get distracted by everyone else.

4. Stay Focused

Once you've set your BIG goals and you have define the steps you need to reach them, then keep your eye on the ball. Give those goals the energy and focus they deserve! Determination and persistence are two major keys to success in business. Be smart about what you want and stay on the path to getting to that goal! Review your tasks and micro-goals regularly to ensure that they are still leading you toward your major goals. That focus is going to help you achieve YOUR success!

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