keep your team on track with processes

How to Keep Your Team on Track

It's one thing to get yourself motivated and super-productive, but when you're working with a team, you want them operating at their very best, too! Part of being a boss is helping keep your team on track, without micro-managing them. (I know! I am always a bit guilty of this!!) And I have some great ideas for keeping your team at peak productivity!

1. Get Your Processes in Place

You've talked about it (and put it off) long enough! It's time to have written timelines, processes, and systems for all of your projects! They make everything run so much more smoothly, which will keep your team running like clockwork. There's nothing more frustrating than realizing that an important task fell through the cracks. Or... that no one can remember how you did a specific task before. That's a productivity killer. So get it all organized and in place so your team knows exactly what's expected of them. And keep reading for a shortcut on this one!

2. Set Clear Expectations 

Another thing that can sap productivity is when your team feels like they're getting mixed signals, or they aren't sure what you expect them to do. For each task you delegate, give them all the information you need, as well as a deadline. Let them know exactly what you want them to do - but don't micromanage! If you set clear expectations and then let them do their tasks, they'll feel a sense of ownership. And that's always motivating!

3. Prioritize Tasks

You know how you feel when you have a 75-item To Do List staring you in the face? That's how your team feels when you throw 75 things at them to do, with no prioritization. We both know that not everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. There are always items that are more important or have a tighter deadline. Help your team do their best by giving them a prioritized list of things to do.

4. Trust Your Team

You don't want to be THAT manager. You know the one - the person that's constantly hovering and makes you feel like you can't do anything right. That's a micromanager, and they're no fun to work for. Let your team members take leadership when they earn it. Let them have responsibility for certain things. Of course, you can check-in, but just ask for updates when they're read, or when deadlines are looming. You'll have a much more productive and motivated team if you give them some independence!

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