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5 Ways to Wow with Digital Presentations

We all know that design presentations are when you should really WOW your client - it's the one point that can make or break the project! So it's key to have everything in place to show your very best work. But wait - how in the world do you do that in our new normal?? If you can't be in front of the client, can you still sell them with the digital design presentation?

Yes you CAN!

Here are my 5 best tips for taking a digital design presentation to the next level!

1. Preparation

Since your presentation is going to be done online, you want to be absolutely sure that your client knows how to use the platform you prefer (like Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, etc). Send them an email that spells out exactly how to get onto the program and how to use it. (You can even send them a video explanation!) No one wants any fumbling around to start things off with frustration! Ask them to practice a bit, too. And be sure YOU know exactly how to use all the tools on the digital platform, especially sharing your screen.

2. Create Gorgeous Slides

More than ever before, how your digital presentation looks is KEY. You want the slides to be stunning so your client falls in love with everything you're suggesting. I like to use templates from Creative Market to really wow my clients. They have templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, or whatever presentation program you prefer! You can create an amazing presentation that looks super polished and professional to totally elevate your ideas for their home.

3. Take It Home

Now here's the real cherry-on-top idea for making long-distance design presentations really work! Put together a gorgeous box of samples to deliver right to your client's door! Be sure everything in the box is branded with your logo, not the vendor's info. I like to create boxes within a larger gorgeous box. Each of the inner boxes should be numbered. And as you go through the presentation you can ask them to then open the numbered box that corresponds to the room you're discussing.

Inside the boxes, you can have fabric samples, paint chips, tile, whatever helps you tell the story and gives your client a more tactile experience. Deliver the box to them immediately before the digital meeting!! You can have an assistant deliver it to their door about 5 minutes before the meeting, with a fun note on top that tells them not to peek until you're on the video call! And remember, that box is theirs to keep, so only give them things you're willing to part with.

4. Set the Mood

I love to create a whole mood in my office when I do a presentation - but how do we do that with an online experience? Easy! Just send along a candle (branded if possible), snacks, drinks, branded pens and notepads for notes - anything to help them create that same mood in their own home. It will REALLY wow your clients and show them that you know how to take care of every single detail for a luxe experience.

5. Practice!

It's harder to talk on video calls when you aren't in a room to gauge someone's reaction or mood. So practice ahead of time to ensure you're comfortable and you are very familiar with what you want to say. And don't forget to put in those cues that show you REALLY listened to what they told you they wanted. For example, you could say: "You told me that you loved your grandmother's cameo collection, so I used this cameo-patterned wallpaper for the powder room!" This helps them really feel heard and gives them an emotional connection to the presentation. It's a GREAT selling point!

I know it isn't as much fun to do these presentations without your clients in the room with you, but it may be a while before some of your clients feel comfortable out of isolation, especially if they have an immuno-vulnerable family member. So use these presentation ideas to help you take your digital client experience to the next level! It's good practice, too, for working with clients in other states or countries!

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