5 Tips for Reviewing Yearly Goals

Can you believe we're into the second quarter of this year already??! WOW! And if you've read my blog regularly, you know I'm ALLL about constantly reviewing and assessing your business so you stay on the top of your game! So at the end of every single quarter, I review my yearly goals to see where I stand and what I need to adjust. That lets you respond to any changes or challenges that have cropped up, AND it keeps you laser focused on what you want to achieve this year. So here are 5 tips to help you review where you are for your yearly goals!

1. Organize and Review

First, pull out that list of BIG goals you set for 2024 (you DID set those, right?!?). Are these the goals you STILL want to stick with? And how are they prioritized? You want to be sure that the list is still motivating and that those goals are exactly what you want to achieve this year. Be very honest with yourself and rework that list until you feel that it's EXACTLY the way you want to progress this year.

2. Check Your Progress

OK, now it's time to really look at how you've moved forward so far on those goals. Have you made any progress? And if not, WHY not?? Sometimes a goal just isn't working for you, and you'll know it if you see that you haven't been very motivated to work toward that goal. For others, you may have already accomplished a LOT, so it might be time to move the goalposts, or to even set a NEW goal! This is yet another time to be super honest with yourself, though. 

3. Adjust as Needed

Don't be afraid to rework your plan!! Maybe you set your goals too quickly for this year and you didn't think things through. Or maybe there have been BIG changes or challenges that are impacting your business and your list of goals. That's ok!! A smart strategy is to always be willing to adjust so you can find the success you want in your business. 

4. Consider Additions

As you review and adjust, consider adding another goal or two to the list. After all, you want to PUSH yourself this year to reach BIGGER success! If you really think you have enough on your plate with a few big goals, that's great! But I'll bet you could add one or two smaller goals to really set this year on FIRE. 

5. Tasks and Strategies

Now that you have a really polished list of goals, start setting the strategies and tasks that are going to help you hit EVERY single one! Each goal should have a list of steps, preferably broken down by month. Those steps are going to keep you on the path to achieving everything you have on your list. But remember, you have to regularly review those list of tasks. Put reminders on your calendar RIGHT NOW so you stay organized and on track!

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