conquer your business fears

4 Ways to Conquer Your Business Fears

Even the most confident business owner has moments of doubt - I know I have! And times like these make it even harder not to let your fears take over. I like to remind myself that fear can actually be useful. It can help you plan a strategy to make it through economic ups and downs, for sure. But you don't want to let those fears paralyze you! Here are 4 ways that I've learned to deal with any business anxiety:


1. Face Them


One of my favorite techniques for my fears is to think about what the worst case would be in a situation. So if that's going out of business, then I'll think "Well, I'll still have money and can look for another job." Somehow, facing your fears like that makes them less scary. When you can see that there's a solution, it's easier to imagine that you can bring yourself back from any situation. I also believe that you need to completely face a fear like your finances. It is not going to get better if you just put your head in the sand and ignore it. You have to sit down and deal directly with your financial situation. Once you do, it's actually LESS stressful! Because you can create a plan to deal with it.


2. Head Things Off at the Pass


This is related to facing your fears. You want to always think ahead for where problems can crop up. If you have a fear of letting your clients down, then you should have a solid process in place to avoid that. If you're nervous about staying on budget, examine your pricing structure and how you're talking about money with your clients. Don't let little fears turn into giant issues and you'll be better off all around.


3. Remember the Point


What's "the point"? That would be the entire reason - or point - that you started your company for in the first place. Were you passionate about design? Did you always want to own your own business? Remind yourself of WHY you're doing all of this and it makes it easier to get through the more difficult times. There is no reward without risk and no easy path to success. We ALL have to fight our way there, no matter what business we're in. So keep reminding yourself that facing your fears will make it all worthwhile in the long run. Keep your eye on the prize!


4. Consult the Experts


No one said you had to do this completely alone just because you're a sole owner! Even Bill Gates has a business coach. Reach out and get help, whether it's from an accountant, an attorney, a coach, or some other expert. It will be worth the money to have someone else to lean on, especially if it's someone with more experience or expertise than you may have. And be sure to join one of the many support groups on Facebook and other social media that are made up of interior designers. Sometimes it's just good to hear that others feel the same way you do.


If your fears center around financials and process, I can definitely help! My Return on Interiors system helps you take control of your business. And control is one of the best antidotes to fear! With ROI you get training modules, templates, worksheets, checklists, training modules (including for financials), and a private Facebook group. With ROI, designers can show up at every step in the process prepared, polished and professional. Just click through here to learn more!



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